Homeowners spend a lot of time and money designing their backyards—so much so that many would say it’s the first thing guests notice when they step onto your property. For this reason, homeowners should hire only qualified deck contractors to do work on their decks; doing otherwise could lead to problems with home value or comfort. Below are factors you should take into consideration when choosing a contractor for your backyard deck renovation.

Review Deck Contractors Online

The digital age has made it easier than ever to gather information about specific contractors. You can get detailed feedback from other customers by looking at online reviews. You can search the web for job advertisement boards, as well as Google reviews and other sites, to determine whether or not a contractor is capable of providing you with a satisfactory service.

Meet the Backyard Deck Contractor in Person

One way to determine if a contractor can actualize the vision you have for your backyard deck is by meeting them for a face-to-face discussion. Schedule an appointment when both of you will be available, and then discuss your project with him or her during that visit. This will allow the deck builders to give you more information about whether your planned deck matches with your backyard’s terrain.

Ask for recommendations

When you admire a deck that belongs to your neighbor or friend, ask them for the name of the contractor who built it. That way, when you contact various contractors about your project and hear their quotes—along with an explanation of any unfamiliar terminology—you’ll have a better understanding of which one would be best for this job.

Conduct Phone Interviews

After narrowing your search, you can call some contractors to confirm their licensing and discuss whether they are available.A phone interview is also a good way to discuss the scope of your project and make sure that it aligns with your plan. You should ask for references from contractors before they begin working on your house, so be prepared!

Ask a lot of Questions

You should ask your contractor several critical questions to ensure they have the experience and expertise needed to create a flawless structure. They include:

  1. Do you know anything about the material I’ve chosen for this project?
  2. Please tell me how much you charge for your services.
  3. Are there any permits that I need to hire you to build my deck?
  4. What is your preferred payment schedule?

It is advisable to get estimates from at least three contractors before making your final decision. Doing your homework before you sign on the dotted line will make it easier to be comfortable with your decision.


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