Demolition. Is It As Easy As It Looks?


While we are expanding the addition of new structures, many older buildings must be torn down. This is because they are unsafe for use or because newer buildings need space. So these old buildings need to be demolished. Demolition is the rock star in the construction industry with all its interesting aspects and big shows it delivers.

Controlled demolition is not just about bashing a building to bits with a wrecking ball. There is much more to it than that. There are many ways to demolish a building, but all methods require highly trained experts who have to consider aspects such as debris and weather conditions.

When planning and conducting a demolition, an expert must consider many factors. Although each project differs per building, these are some of the items typically involved in a demolition:

  1. Survey experts analyze the results of the survey to understand different aspects of the building, such as its usage, materials and method of construction. These factors assist them in selecting the appropriate demolition method to be used.
  2. All hazardous materials must be removed from the building before demolition begins. This includes asbestos minerals and radioactive materials, flammable materials, and petroleum contamination. Removal of these substances is done by trained specialists.
  3. A demolition plan is a detailed document that includes information about the equipment to be used, the process of demolition and cleanup, and other similar details.
  4. When industrial demolition is performed, it’s important to follow the necessary safety precautions. Demolition experts should ensure that all permits have been obtained and all required local authority bodies have been informed. Site personnel such as workers, supervisors, operators, and engineers need to be advised of the process and resulting exposure to dust, noise and potential flammable material.

When buildings have outlived their usefulness or become unsafe, they must be demolished in the safest and most efficient way possible. An explosive demolition may seem exciting and thrilling to most people, but it requires a lot of planning, precision and experience to do safely and successfully.


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