Philadelphia – One of the Best Places to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


There are many people who claim Irish ancestry in the United States which makes St. Patrick’s Day is all the more fun to celebrate! Americans love to spend this holiday with family and friends, drinking and wearing green, as well as attending parties, festivals, and parades. Many people like to travel to the city to have a good time on this festive holiday, and Philadelphia is one of the most traveled, and best, places to celebrate good ole’ St. Patrick’s Day. If you are looking for some fun ideas and a great city to visit this season, look below to find many things that Philadelphia has to offer around this time of year. 

The Longest Continuous Parade

The city of Philadelphia is home to one of the longest continuous parades for St. Patrick’s Day in the United States. This parade is something that people from the world will gather to wear green and witness, as well as come to participate in many of the other on-going activities that are happening throughout the day. In celebrating the rich Irish culture at the parade, you are likely to hear traditional Irish music, witness Irish step dancers, see vast marching bands and celebrate the luck of the Irish in this festive and well-sought after event. 

Trade Show Events and Festivals

Along with the pubs and festivals that are open, there are many trade show events to attend that are a part of the big celebration. Vendors will have St. Patrick Day gear to purchase along with Irish culture items and different products for their personal businesses. Holidays are a great time to set up trade show booths since so many of these events are really well attended. If you are exhibiting at a trade show, make sure to look into these trade show booth ideas to really make your booth stand out. If you are in Philadelphia for the holiday, make sure to stop by one of the many trade shows going on in the city to see what is new in the local industries. 

Leprechaun Hunt and Train Rides

Children are definitely not left out in this celebration either! There are many things to do around Philadelphia for children and families too. The Leprechaun hunt is an annual tradition that everyone can enjoy in Philadelphia. Guests are given a game card and they must look in the downtown shops to find ten leprechaun to secure their pot of gold when they return. This fun tradition gives the festive guests an opportunity to check out some of the local shops, and share a few laughs, while working towards a fun prize. Also offered in Philadelphia is a local train ride. This two-hour ride throughout the city comes with dinner and great views of the city while you are visiting and participating in the festivities. 

Something for Everyone

During this unique holiday season, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Put on your best green attire and travel to the best city to celebrate St. Patrick’d Day in. Enjoy the parties and the parades as well as getting some exposure to business through festive trade shows. Be sure to finish off your time with participating in some of the city’s most beloved annual traditions and activities. St. Patrick’d Day is all about celebrating and getting back to your roots, so be sure to have a fun and safe time during this exciting holiday!


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