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The most easily recognized identification document is the passport. The validity of a British passport can last up to 10 years (ten for adults) and 5 years (five for children). It is valid for international travel. According to the Henley Passport Index in 2022, the British passport ranked 5th out of nearly 200 countries. This shows just how valuable a passport is and how important it’s to keep it current.

What if you are a resident of the U.S. You can still renew your British passport. The renewal of an adult passport can be started up to 9 months prior to its expiry.

The British Home Office recommends that you renew your passport as soon as possible after making travel plans. The Passport Office should allow applicants at least 10 weeks to renew their British passport. Americans living in the U.S. should give even more time so the passport can be delivered overseas.

Renew your British passport in the United States 

The official website of the United Kingdom is where you can renew your British passport in a foreign country like the U.S. Before submitting your passport to the authorities, you will need to fill out an online form. The internet is now the only way to renew British passports. However, some applicants might still need to use the courier services. It will be discussed in the next sections.

British citizens need to remember that in certain cases they might be required to appear at a consulate interview. Because the entire process is done in the UK, the wait will take around 12 (twelve!) weeks. If you make application errors or fail to provide proper documentation, the process may take longer.

The U.S. passport for the UK

Online applications for overseas British passport renewals are possible, but applicants will need to pay fees depending on which service they choose. These are the standard fees for renewing British passports in the U.S.

  • £86 is for adult renewal
  • £56 for child renewal
  • £19.86 courier fee (applies to all applications)

British citizens born after 1929 are exempted from paying passport fees.

You may be required to send additional supporting documents to Her Majesty’s Passport Office in certain circumstances. All certificates and proofs of citizenship must be sent in their original form. Photoscopies will not accepted. It is best to use a secure courier if possible to protect your documents and avoid delays.

Renew your British passport in the U.S.

To complete an application, you will need to provide a current passport image. UK citizens are required to prepare digital photos because of the online application. The following are the requirements for digital photos according to the UK government website:

  • In colour
  • Minimum 600×750 pixels (wide and high)
  • File size: 50KB-10MB

Sometimes passport authorities might ask for additional supporting documentation. These documents could include a driver’s license, birth certificate, or identification.

Is there an expedited service to renew my British passport in the United States?

In order to travel to Europe or other destinations, British citizens must now have a valid passport. Sometimes people may need expedited services and it is very urgent. In these cases, they will have to pay an additional fee. Unfortunately, British citizens who renew their passports from the United States will not be eligible for emergency services. All passports, whether urgent or standard, are issued in the UK only.

AiPassportPhoto allows you to renew your British passport in the U.S.

A passport photo is required to renew a UK passport. AiPassportPhoto is the best option if you are looking for one fast and easy. Our app will create passport photos that meet all requirements. These are all possible thanks to our efficient service, an AI system that is highly developed and our team of experts who work around the clock.

Let us take the hassle out of photo-taking. It will only take 3 (three!) seconds to complete the entire process. Here are the steps:

  1. Choose a suitable setting and prepare it to be used for the photo. AiPassportPhoto will remove background clutter automatically. The lighting is the most important thing.
  2. Use your smartphone’s camera or the AiPassportPhoto App’s camera function to take a photo. Then upload it to the AiPassportPhoto website or app. You can also upload an existing photo to be edited, but it must not be older than one month.
  3. You can continue the process until you have a satisfying photo to display on your passport.

This will make it easy and fast to renew your passport. You can spend the time saved on your travels or with friends and family. You can also save up to and 65% on passport photos by using our service.

You can rest assured that the photo will also be excellent. We are proud of our work and will refund 100% of the amount you paid if your passport authorities reject it. Try the app now!

FAQ: Renewing your British passport in the U.S.

After we have covered all the basics of renewing UK passports, let’s move on to the most commonly asked questions section. If you have further questions or doubts, this is the place to go.

Can I renew my UK passport while in the U.S.?

Yes, it is possible to renew your UK passport in the U.S. You can simply complete the online application and send the required documents to Her Majesty’s Passport Office.

How can I renew my British passport in America?

Online applications make it easy to renew your UK passport in America. These forms are available online at the UK government website. They contain all necessary instructions.

Where can I get my British passport renewed in the U.S.?

You can renew your passport online if you are a British citizen who is living in the U.S. Make sure to take a digital passport photo. If necessary, you will need the original copies of any supporting documents such as proof of identity.

What is the cost of renewing a British passport in the U.S.?

Costs vary depending on which passport service is chosen by the applicant. These are the fees to renew UK passports:

– £86 to renew an adult passport

– £56 to renew a child’s passport

– £19.86 Courier fee

Is it possible for passport renewal to be done at the British Embassy in Washington DC?

No. The British embassies do not provide passport renewals to their citizens. Online applications are required for passport renewals. For any other inquiries, such as notarial services, British citizens can visit the Embassy.

Is it possible to renew a UK passport in the U.S. within a few hours?

The documentation, forms, and delivery can affect the processing time. The UK Home Office suggests that applicants give up to 10 (ten!) weeks for passport renewal. This time can be extended or decreased depending on certain circumstances. AiPassportPhoto is a 100% acceptable passport image that can be used to avoid delays.

How do I renew a British passport that has expired in the U.S.?

An expired British passport can be renewed in the U.S. the same way as a standard passport. The following requirements must be met by applicants:

1.Visit the UK government website

2.Fill out the online application

3.Submit a digital passport picture and

  1. Send supporting documents, if required.

What documents are required to renew my British passport?

For a British passport renewal, applicants must:

  1. A digital passport photo
  2. To pay passport fees, you can use a debit or credit card
  3. Their current passport
  4. If applicable, supporting documents (e.g. birth certificate)

How to renew your British passport in America — Summary

No matter where you are located, as long as your eligibility is met, you can still obtain a UK passport. It is important to allow at most 10 (or ten) weeks for renewal applications and to pay all applicable fees promptly. Your chances of getting your renewal right the first time are higher if you prepare it well. You also reduce the chance of having to submit again.

AiPassportPhoto is a unique tool that transforms images to meet the UK’s official requirements. It is available for Android as well as iOS. Download it now to save time and money.


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