5 Ways to Bring Digital Advertising Outdoors


Digital advertising has grown over the past few years. You now see it on many streaming services and websites together with social media platforms and YouTube. However, there has been some resistance to online digital advertising including the rise in ad-blocking software that people use to stop seeing ads online. How can companies bring digital advertising outdoors where advertising is more successful? 

1 Digital Billboards

One of the best ways to reach as many people as possible is by using digital billboards. These are just like the traditional billboards you see along the road, but they are able to show multiple ads every day. 

They are a lot more flexible than traditional billboards, plus they can be changed to meet certain demographic changes. 

2 Mobiles/Tablets

Some of the apps that you use on your mobile phone or tablet will show you localised ads when you are outside. You can also get these ads from shops that let you use their app while you are shopping.

These types of ads are designed to show you local deals and shop special offers while you are browsing. This can be a great way to get a discount on what you are buying, and companies can tailor their ads to people who are there together with their previous shopping history. 

3 Stadium Displays

When you go to a concert or a sports stadium, there is often a digital display board that shows you the score or the highlights of the show. These displays are also a great way to display advertising to people who are watching. 

As with other digital displays, these can be used to offer things that can be bought in the stadium, or locally. It might be a local restaurant, or perhaps a merchandise store nearby. 

4 Digital Posters

Digital posters are shown in shopping centres and along the road. They traditionally had static posters inside a case that displayed local ads. However, there are now digital displays that can show multiple ads over a short period of time. 

These are now a popular way to advertise outdoors and get the attention of people walking around. Just like digital billboards, they can be changed when there are certain events nearby, or, at particular times of day. 

5 Bus Stop Displays

Bus stop displays have a certain advantage over other outdoor digital displays. This is due to the captive audience they have while people are waiting for a bus. They can show multiple ads to passengers while they are waiting, and surveys have shown that people will often look at these displays outside because they trust them. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – 5 ways you can bring your digital marketing outdoors. 

If you are a company that is considering starting a marketing campaign, then OOH (Out of House) marketing is becoming increasingly popular. As customers start to feel apathy for online ads, they are not feeling the same way about outdoor ads. They trust them and think they are more relatable. These are just a few of the many ways outdoor advertising can help your company grow and reach a new audience. 


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