Royal Portraits – A personalized gift idea for valentines


Valentine’s Day is special for couples to celebrate their love and appreciation for each other. On this special day, couples exchange gifts to show how much they care. Gift-giving is an important part of any relationship, and Valentine’s Day is the time to show your partner how special they are.

Whether it’s something small and inexpensive, or something more extravagant, the thought behind it matters most. It’s not about the cost but the effort you put into choosing the perfect gift for your partner.

Gifts are a great way to display your funny and creative side and how much you know about your partner. From my own experience, personalized gifts are the best gifts that can make your partner smile and feel appreciated.

For last year’s Valentine’s Day, I had myself painted next to my husband in a couple of portraits by PixelsPhotoArt. The painting came out as Leonardo Da Vinci painted it! The Royal Portraits can be made from your photos and can be useful personalized gifts. You can create a personalized renaissance-style painting of your loved one, your pets, or your family in the costumes of your choice. Unlike other companies, PixelsPhotoArt provides digital painting services. Other companies I have engaged with for royal portraits use cheap photoshop filters. PixelsPhotoArt has a royal collection of 63 costumes, and choosing the right one may be the hardest task as they all look great! Below you can find a few reasons why this is a gift that anyone will love.

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Why are Royal Portraits the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day 

  • UniqueIt’s an original idea, and nobody else will own one exactly as yours. You cannot go wrong with a custom royal portrait, as it will impress even those who are very hard to impress. The painting showcases the artist’s craftsmanship and patience in depicting with care all the facial features that define a person or pet.

  • PersonalizedThe custom royal portrait is done from your photo and the costume of your choice. The person receiving the gift will appreciate that you’ve put a lot of thought and time into the present instead of going out for a last-minute buy. 

  • Adds a tasteful touch to the décorThe portrait reflects your style, taste, and preferences. It is a unique and special way to express yourself and enhance your home’s décor. It is also a great conversation starter and can help create an inviting atmosphere. A personalized portrait can also remind you of a special moment or person you cherish.

  • Many options to choose fromYou can choose from many costume templates and create a painting of people and pets using one costume or multiple costume combinations. For example, you can feature an entire family and their pets in a single painting. You can also change the background or choose which position every individual should have.

  • TimelessUnlike traditional paintings, digital paintings can be saved, shared, and modified easily. It makes it much more accessible and easier to work with. Time can never affect a digital file, and you can always print it as often as you wish.

Now that you know the benefits of choosing this type of gift, we will give you tips on choosing the right look for your custom royal portrait.

Tips for Choosing the Right Costume

Since there are many options you can choose from when creating your custom royal portrait; therefore, you might feel overwhelmed and need help finding the right costume for the regal painting. Below you can find some tips that you might find useful:

  • Think About the Recipient – The first thing you want to do is think about the recipient of the royal portrait. Are you giving it to a single person or a couple? Does the person have pets? What is the person’s personality like? If the person is the leader type, then the king costume would make a great choice. 

  • Think About Their Décor – The second thing you want to do is think about their décor. What are the colors in their home? If they have a lot of bright colors in their home, something more neutral might be a better idea. You can choose the right costume template depending on the home’s colors.

  • Think About Their Home – You may want to consider the home’s size. How large is it? If it’s large, you can get a bigger picture. But if they don’t have a lot of wall space, you want to choose a smaller size. For hallways or office desks, I recommend 12×16″ prints for bedrooms or living rooms, 24×36″ prints.  Don’t go for a small print for the costumes where the subject’s entire body is visible because the painting effect of the head will not be much visible. Small prints go well with head & shoulders portraits (close-ups)

Now that you know some tips that you can use to choose the right look for your royal portrait, I am going to explain the process.

Where to create Custom Royal Portraits?

Depending on your need, there are a few places to consider when looking for a custom royal portrait. Are you looking for something cheap or qualitative? 

  1. Cheap – Can be achieved with photoshop manipulation and filters; therefore, a photo editor can handle this request. They will place the head of the person from your photos over the costume of your choice and apply a filter to make it look like it is painted. It will look ridiculous and poorly blended it. Often the head size is disproportionate compared to the body.

Positive: Cheap and fast delivery

Negative: Lacks quality, poorly blended

Price: $5-$35 (price varies depending on customization)

Where: Fiverr & Etsy


  1. Quality – Can be done only by professional artists qualified to create personalized royal portraits from reference photos. They will paint the head from your reference photo onto the costume of your choice. The artwork has great details, and everything looks blended properly as the person is part of the painting.


Positive: Quality, Well Blended & Fast Delivery

Negative: Expensive

Price: $44 – $250 (price varies depending on customization)

Where: PixelsPhotoArt


First, you need to decide if you go for quality or something cheaper. Assuming you want to go for quality, PixelsPhotoArt has experienced portrait artists, and they will be able to create a royal portrait that will be able to create a unique and beautiful painting that will last for generations. Below, on the left, is a portrait commissioned on Fiverr, and on the right is a painting commissioned on PixelsPhotoArt. 

The difference in quality is incredible! The results from the left are easily achievable by anyone with some Photoshop knowledge. The results on the right can be obtained only by artists who know how to paint. 

There are a variety of artists and companies that create royal portraits. Many claim they will paint from your photo, but you can easily tell from their portfolio that they use filters. Choose wisely and choose quality, as only through it will you capture someone’s interest and have a well-deserved reaction and appreciation. Beautiful and lasting gifts must be well-made. They take craftsmanship and talent! I found PixelsPhotoArt more than suitable for any painting requests, as they are transparent, upfront, and communicative. 

5 Reasons why to choose PixelsPhotoArt

Now that you know the difference between cheap filters & quality paintings, here are a few reasons why I think PixelsPhotoArt is the most capable of creating a royal portrait for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion:

  • Lots of Choices – A royal collection of 63 costume templates available can match any personality or home decor. It can be delivered digitally via e-mail or as a poster, framed poster, or canvas. So you can find just the right one based on your needs, your recipient, and your budget.

  •  Quick Response Time – From my experience, they responded promptly. I always got a response within the same Day, a few minutes after I sent the e-mail, even on the weekend.

  • Quick Turnaround – The portraits have a short turnaround time. You will get your painting within 1 to 3 working days if you choose digital or 5 to 8 working days if you want a physical copy.

  •  Many Positive Reviews – They have many positive reviews from previous customers who had a great shopping experience.

  • Quality Control – I felt I was in control during the ordering process. They have sent a draft for me to check and ask for revisions. Every time I asked for a correction, they revised accordingly. They make sure you like your portrait before sending it to printing. It makes it a lot easier to have the possibility to adjust before final delivery. 

How to order a Royal Portrait?

 If you have looked through the website and found the right royal costume, creating a beautiful portrait from your photo couldn’t be easier. Here are the steps to take:

  • Place Your Order
  • Upload Your Photos
  • Confirm Your Order

Then one of the representatives will contact you to confirm your order. Your order will be assigned to a skilled designer. Before the final delivery is made, you will receive a draft, and you can request revisions or confirm the delivery. The draft delivery is incredibly fast; although they advertise on the website that it may take up to 3 days, I received my draft in less than 24 hours. I had a revision request and received my revised artwork in 30 minutes.


Creating a personalized gift for Valentine’s Day can be a rewarding experience for both the giver and the receiver. A personalized gift is tailored to the recipient and shows that the giver put in the extra effort to make something special for them. It’s a true display of creativity and love. While there are plenty of options, a personalized portrait will have a better reaction than anything else, as it will make the recipient feel special and appreciated. PixelsPhotoArt can help you create royal portraits as memorable and meaningful gifts that you can cherish for many years! 


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