How to Choose a Fast Electric Scooter Size for Adults?


Electric scooters have become a popular form of transport, offering easy and eco-friendly commuting and leisure activities. With a wide range of all terrain electric scooters, choosing the right size for adult riders is challenging.

You can have a comfortable and safe riding experience, but it’s essential to consider some factors, including height, weight, and riding style.

Do you wish to join the fast-paced world of fastest electric scooters but need help knowing where to start?

In this blog, you’ll explore critical factors when selecting an ideal and fast electric scooter for adults. So, get ready to hit the streets in style and comfort with perfect electric scooters!

What Size of a Fast Electric Scooter Do You Need?

Electric scooter size is always a confusing question whenever buying it. Let’s discover the 2 key factors you should consider, they are height and weight.

Height influences the riding quality, comfort, and ability to control heavyweight motor scooters. When standing on the fastest electric scooter’s deck, the handlebars should line up below your waist or belly button.

People frequently riding, commuting more often, and doing less acrobatics are recommended to use higher handlebars. In contrast, acrobatic riders consider handlebars closer to the waistband. Such all terrain electric scooters tend to be lighter with shorter bars in park-style riding. Smartkick escooter has many varieties of all-terrain electric scooter. 

In addition, the fastest electric scooter’s weight also impacts when determining a scooter’s size. It’s better to pick one that’s easy to control and supports your weight and other stuff you might be carrying.

It’s best to take a ride to ensure the adult-size motor scooter is comfortable and meets your requirements.

Varla Fast Electric Scooter Size Chart

Your height, weight, and riding style depend on the size of the fat tire electric scooter. If you’re shorter, you need a small scooter, while a taller person should prefer a large scooter to maintain stability.

Follow this Varla all terrain electric scooter size chart to get the right size motor scooter.

Riders Age Riders Height Scooter’s Height Handlebar Height Deck Length
6 – 7 44 – 49 Below 27 16 17.5
7 – 9 49 – 54 23 – 29 17 – 18 18
9 – 11 54 – 58 25 – 31 19 18.5
11 – 13 58 – 62 29 – 32 10 19
13 – 15 62 – 67 29 – 33 21 20
15+ 67+ 31+ 22.75 21

How Do You Measure Electric Scooter Height?

First, measure the motor scooter’s height from the ground to the rider’s hip and navel. Then select a 40 mph electric scooter of size ranging between hip and navel.

1. E Scooter Handlebar Heights

When standing on the fastest electric scooter, your hands should easily reach the handlebars. If you want to ride comfortably, an ideal handlebar height is between your hip and waist.

Handlebars shouldn’t be too high or too low. If a handlebar is too low, you’ve to lower your body leading to discomfort and fatigue, whereas if handlebars are higher, you’ve to stretch your hands to reach them, which will cause instability.

Before buying an e scooter fat tire, consider certain factors regarding handlebar heights. It should be:

  • Below the belly button (five inches below the waist)
  • Based on the elbow angle
  • Based on the rider’s height

However, if you’re a street-style rider or love performing tricks, go for lower, higher, and lower-height handlebars.

2. E Scooter Deck Sizes

The deck is part of the motor scooter where the rider places their feet. The size of the deck is dependent on the rider’s height. A tall rider needs a big deck, while a shorter one can feel at ease riding a motorized scooter for adults with a small deck.

The type of area also matters as you can ride small deck electric scooters in gardens and parks, but moving on big roads or passing through streets needs a big one.

3. E Scooter Wheel Sizes

There is the availability of various sizes of wheels for your best electric scooter, but the most common in-use range is 8.5 in diameter. Choosing the appropriate tire size enhances your scooter speed level and riding performance.

Pneumatic tires are air-filled, a better option than solid ones due to their high shock absorption quality and performance. They help ride off hurdles like humps, curbs, and rocky roads smoothly. Therefore, wheel selection is essential for quality time riding.

4. Deck Height

The main factor an motorized scooter for adults buyer must keep in mind is the height of the handlebar. The deck height of 39 inches usually is perfectly suitable for an adult.

The scooter handle should lie below your belly button around your waist.

Moreover, scooters with long stems may not be easy to tackle for average-height riders, and they may hit their face during an accident. Opt for a suitable deck length according to your height for a smooth, comfortable journey.

5. Suspension

When traveling on rough or uneven terrain, you need an motor scooter with the best shock absorption mechanism. Electric scooters with suspension designed for adults mostly have suspension systems, helping you in road handling and enhancing ride quality.

Electric scooters have small-sized wheels; any time you hit a bump or ride on rough terrain, your body will feel shocks. You might be uncomfortable and experience fatigue. Good-quality suspension dampens bumps and reduces the effect on ground surfaces.

Moreover, motorized scooter for adultss accustomed to spring-based suspensions can absorb shocks, improve traction, and cushion ride, reducing the impact of bumps. The primary purpose of suspensions is to introduce stability, which won’t let you lose control.

6. Folding Mechanism

If you’re planning a journey on rough terrains, motor scooters are perfect for riding on, as they’re easily portable and have folding mechanisms.

You can fold up your fastest electric scooter and carry it when not riding on the road. A small button is provided at the bottom of the stem to help you lock or unlock the scooter to fold or unfold it.

Whether you want to travel off-road or on sloped areas, head on to experience a smooth ride on uneven terrains comfortably on electric scooters.

If you’re looking for an 40 mph electric scooter of high performance to travel long distances, Varla Eagle One Pro is the right choice for you.

Eagle One has dual hydraulic brakes, a shock-absorption system, and an 18.2 Ampere-hour lithium-ion battery helping to travel up to 40 miles on a single charge. It has a 1600W peak power output that tackles all terrains.

Eagle One Pro is powered by an efficient hydraulic brake, a powerful 1000W hub motor with a peak output of 3200W, and speeds up to 45 mph. It’s equipped with a 27 Ampere-hour lithium-ion battery with enough power to ride long distances.

Both these models, deliver high levels of power, speed, performance, and efficiency to handle multiple challenges during off-road journeys.

Pick any of the motorized scooter for adults motors models depending on the features that best suit your commuting rides.


Q.1. What should you consider before buying an adult scooter?

If you are looking for fast electric scooters for adults, get a 40 mph electric scooter with big wheels, a shorter deck, shorter bars, and high-quality bearings. If you want your fastest electric scooter to last for years, explore the high-quality range of Varla electric scooters.

Q.2. How to determine the size of the scooter?

You can measure the motorized scooter for adults’s size with the help of a measuring tape from the surface to the person’s hip or navel. Electric scooters shouldn’t be larger or smaller but should be a height below the belly button.

Q.3. Which is best, Varla Eagle One or Varla Eagle Pro One?

Both models offer excellent performance and efficiency.

If you’re looking for an electric scooter of high performance to travel long distances, Eagle One Pro is the right choice for you. Its feature-rich options provide smooth rides on rough or uneven roads.


You may have already developed an understanding of fast electric scooters for adults. It would be simpler for you to decide now that you understand what functionalities to seek in a scooter.

Varla Scooter is one of the most reputable names among all the well-known companies and competitive manufacturers offering quick electric scooters for adults on the market.

You’ll find a vast range of electric scooters in the market, but when you’re seeing one to commute, Varla’s 40 mph electric scooter is a good choice for adults of any age. Check the electric scooters that are efficient and tend to travel on rough terrains smoothly, offering riders an impeccable experience.



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