Sofa & Sectional Shopping: Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

Sofa & Sectional Shopping: Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Fashion senses and styles are constantly evolving, and often, it can feel like a pendulum, swinging hard one way, then swinging hard the other way. That’s certainly true with furniture, including high end sofas and sectionals.

Let’s take a look at some of the trends that might be common this year and moving forward.

Leaving the Middle Ground Behind

Neutral (but cold )grays have been quite popular in recent years. However, fashion senses are slowly shifting away as people look to add more excitement or warmth to their living spaces. Some folks are choosing to go with warmer, more inviting neutral colors, such as brighter browns or sharp patterns set against inviting tans.

Ditching neutral colors is also emerging as a popular trend. After years of toned-down furniture styles, many people are opting for bright yellows and fetching reds. Distinctive coloring could impart confidence and forward-thinking via your furniture. Bright colors can also add an eye-fetching splash of luxury to your living space.

Sustainability is the New Black

Customers are increasingly and rightly concerned about the environment. Sustainability is now a must for many homes and shoppers. Fortunately, when it comes to couches and other pieces of furniture, you now have a plethora of choices.

Sustainable fabrics are popular and often distinctive. Exposed wood, say in the armrests or on the couch back, offer flair while also making indoor spaces feel more like the great outdoors. Bamboo and other materials offer exceptional aesthetics and great value while also being more sustainable than traditional wood.

Importantly, sustainable materials can offer distinctive looks and durability while also creating fewer negative impacts on the environment. Keep all this in mind when shopping for luxury furniture stores in Los Angeles.

Curves Are the New Straight

Straight, simple lines and profiles have been a mainstay as of late. This is true not just for sofas and couches, but also tables, chairs, and more. Rounded curves, however, are back in a big way. In a straight as an arrow world, the right curves make it easy to stand out.

Straight lines often impart fine craftsmanship, intentional engineering,  and exacting design. Curves, on the other hand, can be seen as more natural and organic. Immerse yourself in nature and straight lines can be hard to come by. Rivers twist and bend as the water flows and tree limbs rise and fall as they arc, for example.

As for couches and sectionals, more chic pieces are featuring rounded backs, rather than the straight, boxy backs that have been the go-to choice in years past. Square and rectangle tables, whether coffee tables in the living room or dining tables in the kitchen, are also losing favor as ovals and circles become more prominent.

Smart Enabled Means Genuis Living

So many gadgets and so little time. Gadgets stuck charging on a table in the corner or on the counter in the kitchen can’t enrich your life. These days, most people have a device either in their pocket or in their hands. That device depends on electricity, which has traditionally been tethered to walls, and specifically, outlets.

Some furniture now comes equipped with charging ports and wireless charging. This way, you can charge your phone from the comfort of your couch. Also, some end tables and other pieces of furniture don’t have plugs built-in, but are designed to make it easy to hide charging ports and the like.

Stone is Chic

Stone furniture has often been more popular in exterior spaces, such as patios, rather than interiors. However, stone is increasingly making its way inside, offering distinctive but organic, natural looks. Stone is especially popular with end tables and coffee tables.

From an artisan’s point of view, stone can be a bit more difficult to work with than say wood. However, where there is effort, there’s a potential for reward. Stone furniture pieces are often sustainable while offering chic and modern fashion senses.

Metal is also becoming more common in interior spaces and family areas, such as the living room. Ultimately, more choices in materials will mean more freedom with design and comfort.


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