5 Unique Ideas to Store Wine At Home

5 Unique Ideas to Store Wine At Home

You must have heard about the quote Old is Gold. A long-time well-preserved wine is also a Gold which is much more pleasing than any other drink. Ageing can make the wine last for longer and also helps to preserve its taste.

But you have to ensure that your stack is stored correctly because even the greatest wines in the world can be ruined by poor storage. However, some modern wine racks in the market can help you store your wine bottles correctly for a long time, even centuries.

Effective Ideas for Storing your Wine at Home

1. Maintain a Proper Humidity

Humidity plays the most crucial role in your wine’s longevity. If humidity is low, it can dry out the cork, leaving the wine unprotected from the impact of oxygen.

And you have to store your wine bottles in dark places as they don’t get exposed to the sunlight to preserve their great taste. Also, you can’t store wine in higher humidity as it can cause labels to peel off, making it difficult to sell or display.

Therefore, make sure to maintain a proper humidity level, for example, 60 to 68 percent.

2. Don’t Ever Store Wine Bottles in a Regular Fridge

A regular fridge can’t keep your wine bottle between 10 to 15 degree Celsius and in proper humidity like a separate wine fridge. A wine fridge can also help to prevent cross-contamination from food odours.

It will be like your wine is an investment, and a wine fridge is going to be a way of protecting that investment. It can’t keep your bottles consistently cool and dark and moist like wine storage spaces, but still, it’s a better option.

3. Place Wine Bottles Horizontally

If you got wine bottles with corks, you have to place them horizontally to keep the cork moist, which helps to preserve them for a long time. If anyhow the cork gets dried out, it can cause seepage and premature ageing.

In this case, contemporary wine racks are one of the best options for storing your wine bottles horizontally. So begin placing bottles horizontally to keep your wines for easy access and maximum storage.

4. Use a Wine Preservation Device

A wine preservation device can help you store your opened wine bottles with delicious immunity. For example, Coravin is a device with manual vacuum pumps that suck the air out of an opened bottle, helping to keep it preserved for a long time.

But this system will not work for sparkling wines because they contain carbon dioxide. And sucking the air out can cause losing the bubbles. So instead of Coravin, a wine stopper will be a better option.

5. Don’t Store Wine in a Direct Sunlight

Make sure to store your wine bottles in a dark place as much as possible. If you put them in direct sunlight, UV rays from the sun can damage the wine’s aroma and flavours.

UV rays adversely react with the phenolic content, a chemical that negatively affects the wine taste.

Wrapping Up

I hope you got some valuable tips for you to store wine at home. As a wine lover, you must know the importance of wine preservation. So what are you waiting for?

Now, you don’t have to get afraid before buying a stack of wine bottles because some easy tips can help you store them at your home easily and properly.


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