How Many Beers are in a Mini Kegerator?


Some people want a nice kegerator for their home or business but may need more space for a full-size kegerator. Mini kegerators are great options to have for people with limited space. Mini kegs can be used to enjoy a variety of beverages. But how many beers are in a mini kegerator? This article will look at the capacity of mini kegerators and some of the best mini kegerators on the market today.

How Many Beers are in a Mini Kegerator?

The number of beers you can get from a kegerator depends on the size of the glasses. Mini kegs hold 1.32 gallons of beer. This translates to 14 12-oz cups, 10.6 oz cups, and 8.5 20-oz cups. This is the average of how many beers you can get from a mini kegerator.

Top 3 Mini Kegerators

Here are some of the best mini kegerators on the market today.

1. Kegco 16.9” Digital Single Tap Mini Kegerator 

This commercial-grade mini kegerator is durable enough for both residential and commercial settings. It was made specifically for dispensing draft beer and homebrews at optimal temperatures and perfect carbonation. The design is sleek and stylish, a compact but aesthetically appealing kegerator that will work well for your space. Not only can you buy great mini kegs of draft beer, but you can also get small-batch homebrew kegs that are compatible with this kegerator.

2. Kegco 17” Cold Brew Coffee Single Tap Mini Kegerator

While this kegerator is more associated with cold brew coffee, this isn’t the only type of beverage that you can enjoy with a kegerator. It was specifically designed for use with the Illy-branded bag-in-a-box cold brew coffee. Still, it’s a versatile kegerator that can allow you to have various types of beverages from this mini kegerator, including stout beer. Whether you want a stout beer or cold brew coffee, this can be the kegerator you need for the space.

3. Kegco 16.9” Digital Carbonated Water Single Tap Mini Kegerator 

For versatility, this can be one of the best options that you can choose from. This is a commercial-grade kegerator that you can enjoy for carbonated water, hard seltzer, and certain types of beer. In addition to versatility and the ability to dispense quality beverages, this portable kegerator allows you to move it to where the party goes. You can also get a premium dispense kit, which offers features like flow control for a perfect pour every time.


Mini kegerators are for people who are limited in space but still want to enjoy fresh and high-quality beverages from a kegerator. The right mini kegerator can be a great addition to your space and offers enough beer to enjoy regularly.

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