The world is expanding rapidly in all aspects of professionalism. The global career arena is getting upgraded with new fields and technologies each passing day. As the career entity progresses, it requires a lot of management to maintain positive growth. Accepting this fact, the management study sector is upscaling itself with many new and unique management courses.

A broad range of facilitated management studies has been introduced recently. One of those versatile and qualified management courses is Post Graduate Diploma in Management(PGDM).

The PGDM course facilitates a lot of candidates who aspire to shine with their management skills. PGDM is equivalent to MBA in a lot of aspects, including curriculum, course structure, and so on.

Let this article show what PGDM is and why it should be considered in management studies.

What is PGDM?

Post Graduate Diploma in Management(PGDM) is one of the postgraduate management courses that graduates from any discipline can pursue. PGDM is offered by a lot of independent business schools all over the world, including India. This course is equal to MBA if pursued in business schools accredited by the Association of Indian Universities(AIU).

PGDM enables the student to learn many management skills, such as leadership, communication, business analytics, business planning, team management, project management, operation, financial management, etc.

Is PGDM a Professional Degree?

Many people have this doubt. Is PGDM a professional course? Why PGDM when there is an MBA?

Yes, PGDM is a professional postgraduate diploma course in management studies. It is a professional course approved by the All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE). 

People pursue PGDM despite MBA. It is because PGDM courses are industry oriented with practical training, whereas the MBA curriculum depends more on theoretical knowledge about management. In addition to this, in PGDM, the student can specialize major in one field along with a minor specialization in another area. For example, if marketing is the chosen specialization in PGDM, the student can choose finance/HR/IT as a minor specialization in the second year. This opportunity widens the scope of management studies for the candidate.

Modes of PGDM Courses:

Nowadays, from students to working professionals, people from different backgrounds are pursuing higher studies. In consideration of this fact, multiple PGDM colleges in Mumbai provide PGDM in different modes to aid students in fulfilling their higher education successfully. Here is a description of the different modes of PGDM courses available.

Full-time PGDM:

The full-time PGDM is a regular course with a course duration of 2 years. Full-time PGDM is the best option for graduate students who want to pursue higher management studies immediately.

Full-time PGDM is provided in a lot of management specializations such as operations, finance, human resources, supply chain management, production management, and so on.

Part-time PGDM:

Part-time PGDM is preferable for students who are only able to devote part of the day to college. It includes graduates who have who have studied PGDM from the best management college in Mumbai and working professionals in line for promotion to senior management positions.

The curriculum of part-time PGDM is similar to full-time PGDM, and the specializations available are also the same as full-time PGDM.

Distance PGDM:

Candidates who cannot commute to the colleges and cannot spare enough time for their studies at college can opt for distance PGDM courses. This mode of PGDM does not require the student to visit college, thus facilitating students to study in their comfortable environment.

The course duration of distance PGDM may vary from 2 to 5 years depending on the institution where it is pursued.

Executive PGDM:

Executive PGDM is an exclusive PGDM course that invites only working professionals to pursue it. This course is intricately designed with a curriculum that helps working professionals elevate their management skills.

The course duration is usually 1 year of class plus 3 months of internships, making it a 15 months course. But the course duration may vary in specific colleges. 


PGDM+GMP stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management with Global Management Program. PGDM+GMP is a unique PGDM course that opens doors for students in management studies at the international level. This course will involve collaboration with foreign universities, and the students can study PGDM courses with experience in visiting international universities.

Eligibility for PGDM:

The general eligibility criteria for PGDM are as follows:

  • Completion of graduation in any discipline at recognized institutions with a minimum aggregate of 50%.
  • The candidate should possess a passing score in any entrance exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT, SNAP, CMAT, etc.

Beyond this general eligibility criteria, there is a certain requirement for certain PGDM courses, as follows:

  • In famous institutions like IIM, the eligibility scale is increased to a higher aggregate, like 65% or more for PGDM admission process.
  • Certain renowned institutions, including IIM, provide admissions based on ranking in entrance exams instead of considering the passing score.
  • For executive PGDM, the candidate should have a minimum work experience of 5 years.
  • For the PGDM+GMP program, the candidate requires an extracurricular profile along with other eligibility criteria.

Specializations in PGDM:

PGDM offers specializations in many management fields, which are listed below for reference.

  • PGDM in International Business
  • PGDM in Finance
  • PGDM in Marketing
  • PGDM in Operations Management
  • PGDM in Business Analytics
  • PGDM in Supply Chain Management
  • PGDM in Sales and Marketing
  • PGDM in Digital Marketing
  • PGDM in Marketing
  • PGDM in Information Technology

Reasons to consider the PGDM program:

There are a lot of valid factors to be considered while choosing any course. Here are a few valid reasons to consider the PGDM program.

  • Practical knowledge:

PGDM courses are designed with a curriculum that involves lots of practical knowledge. The students are provided with opportunities to apply and practice their management skills in corporate platforms.

  • Increased specialization exposure:

The PGDM course provides dual specialization opportunities. The students, along with a major specialization, can pursue a minor specialization in any management sector. It broadens the scope of the students’ careers in multiple management fields.

  • Hands-on corporate training:

PGDM courses include a lot of visits to corporate companies for practical training, and multiple successful corporate personalities will be invited to address and share their management experiences and tactics with PGDM students. Thus, PGDM provides hands-on corporate training to the students.

  • Exclusive placement opportunities:

PGDM graduates have a high demand for job positions compared to MBA graduates, and it is because of the practical knowledge they gain during the course. The PGDM course inculcates enormous management skills into the students in a memorial format with practice. It built a management setup for PGDM students, earning them many lucrative placement opportunities in great companies like Microsoft, Wipro, TCS, Infosys, etc.

  • Entrepreneurial openings:

Not only management skills but PGDM also tunes the entrepreneurial skills in the students. The course curriculum of PGDM is in such a way that allows the students to customize their entrepreneurial ideas and implement them.

  • Strong networking:

During the duration of the PGDM course, the students meet a lot of corporate personalities. They get opportunities to create contact with high-stature companies and firms. This increases the network of the students, which will be of great support in future endeavors.


Pursuing the right course at the right college is the best decision to be made for a successful career. There are only a few PGDM best colleges all over India, and one among those colleges is Universal Business School at Karjat. 

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