Engineering is a deep ocean of enormous areas of specialization. Engineers and innovations are setting their mark in every corner of the world. Both past, present, and future developments and changes are correlated with them and their work. The field of engineering brings huge changes, innovation, and technology to help people and society, for future generations. They face enormous challenges and find solutions according to them.

With these developments every task becomes easy and convenient; with the help of innovation, machines, and equipment. In this modern world, unprecedented technology makes everything easy to use, for example, traveling is one of the vital tasks to perform in earlier days. Automobile engineers innovate, and manufacture automobiles to perform the different task to meet their needs which is indeed a revolutionary change for the world that helps a lot and make easy the concept of traveling.  

Automobile engineering is one of the demanding specializations of engineering in which you learn more about automobile stuff. Here is this article; we discuss automobile engineering and its future trends in automobile engineering.


Automobile engineering is also known as Automotive Engineering. This is the branch of engineering specialization that deals with the manufacturing, designing, testing, operating, servicing, and repairing of automobiles. The automobiles such as cars, trucks, sub-engineering systems, scooters, motorcycles, and many more come under the automobiles section. Automobile engineering is a blend of features that includes the different elements of engineering such as electrical, mechanical, software and safety.

Due to the rapid growth of auto components and the automobile industry, there is a huge demand for automobile engineers.  This rapid growth happens due to innovative motor vehicles capable of transporting passengers from one place to another. Now due to the huge demand for automobile vehicles, this field of engineering has a huge scope in the future.

The demand for automobiles is increasing day by day and this leads to more expansion of the industries leads to some concerns also. The fuel consumption and pollution coming from these vehicles, and traffic jams in cities are a huge concern for the future and the environment. These usage and consumption lead to the depletion of resources and environmental health.  This challenge is accepted by the engineers and new solutions are on the way. Thus automobiles need a futuristic approach to deal with future challenges and to be less harmful to the resources and environment. Here is a list of a few future trends that automobile engineers are implanting with innovative ideas to enhance the automobile experience.


Future demands a change in every field and changes in the market, digitalization, new technologies and policies, and consumer preferences are making changes in the automobile industry. There are five technology trends rising in the automotive industry i.e. electrification, connectivity, diverse mobility, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, ultra-fast charging batteries, and additive manufacturing.

  1. Electrification of vehicles –Electric cars are the new technology generated in which the cars will power by electricity rather than fuel like petrol or diesel.  The electrification of vehicles is called up as the depletion of fuel reserves and an increase in pollution that causes harm to the environment. The electric car is a more efficient and environmentally friendly car and it is cheap as compared to filling petrol or diesel cars. But still, there are some challenges that are emerging and the engineers are still working on solutions to the issues regarding electric vehicles such as the poor battery, charging issues, the high price of electric cars, insufficient electric charging stations, etc.
  2. Connectivity of vehicles – The connectivity of vehicles (CV) is the technology in which cars are connected to other nearby vehicles through wireless networks. Here the applications, systems, and equipment use V2X communications to address safety, mobility, and system efficiency on roads. This technology enables the tracking of vehicle data for various uses such as driver safety, insurance, and predictive maintenance. It helps not only a person but the whole mobility system. Connectivity helps to ensure the safety features to reduce accidents, keeps the tracking of the car by security, and advanced navigation to help you to find routes, excess traffic routes, etc (GPS).    
  3. Shared Mobility– It defines the sharing of vehicles, and transportation services among different users without owning it. This includes cars, bikes, vans, etc. this trend gives citizens greater accessibility to cheap transport.  Shared mobility is a great trend useful to reduce congestion; long traffic jams as it reduces the number of vehicles traveling through the city. Shared mobility has a great future as people can get great traveling experiences cheaply.
  4. Autonomous Vehicles– Autonomous vehicles are meant to be a car that can operate and perform necessary functions without human intervention or we can say a car without a driver (driverless cars).  It ensures that in future these cars will be available in the market. This trend was introduced to reduce the incidents that happen because of drivers’ carelessness and fatigue, not paying attention which causes major accidents. Vehicle crashes occur every year thus to ensure safety this technology can potentially fulfill its aim. Another advantage of this future technology will help those people who don’t know how to drive or aged people and people can sleep during their overnight journeys too.
  5. Artificial Intelligence– Artificial intelligence (AI) is a revolutionary step in technology. It is an advanced technology that includes machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and robotic automation within the automobile industry. Artificial intelligence helps to guide the safety of the driver and passengers, and self-driving cars, assist the driver to ensure and improve safety and improve service.

Technology is changing at a rapid pace. With internet connectivity, everything is connected to the vehicles. The demand in the automobile industry is increasing and the demand in sales of new automobiles leads to open enormous job opportunities for the graduated aspirants. Before entering a working environment students need to get educated in that particular subject and get trained and skilled in that field. To get the best qualification needs the selection of the best education center. It is important to choose the best institute which shapes your skills and helps to become a professional. Here, TOMS College of engineering is one of the best engineering colleges in Kerala that will provide you with the best education experience during your graduation journey.   


TOMS College of engineering is located in Mattakara in the Kottayam District of Kerala. This college was established 33 years ago and it is approved by AICTE, New Delhi.   TOMS College is the best private college in Kerala which offers courses In B.Tech and Polytechnic Diploma Courses. Here in this college, 

B.Tech courses are affiliated with APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU) and the Diploma Courses are affiliated with the Directorate of Technical Education DTE), Government of Kerala.

TOMS College of engineering is run by Thirunilam Educational Trust under the Visveswaraya Group.  The college is ranked 2nd position among private engineering colleges and ranks 8th position among all the colleges in Kerala.

The teaching staff of the college is highly qualified and experienced; they are experts in their fields. The faculties teach the students to shape their skills. The college ensures the best placements for its students therefore it is one of the top private engineering colleges in Kerala based on placement.


TOMS college is one of the best Diploma in Automobile Engineering Colleges in Kerala that offers a Diploma in Automobile engineering and technology program for 3 years duration where students get the opportunity to enroll for a suitable bachelor’s degree. It is a full-time course with an intake of 60 seats.



Admission to TOMS college is merit-based; the candidates can apply for admission both online and offline method. The following steps of the admission process are as follows-

  • Candidates can collect the application form from TOM’s office by paying Rs. 500 as application fees.
  • Candidates can also send a demand draft (DD) of Rs 650 through post or courier favoring TOMS College of Engineering payable at Mattakara.
  • Candidates can download the form from the official website of the college –
  • A hard copy of the downloaded form and DD should be sent to the college.


  • Class 10th and class 12th mark sheet/ equivalent certificate.
  • Transfer certificate from the institution last studied
  • Course and conduct certificate from the last studied institution
  • Migration Certificate
  • Original certificate to prove reservation or mark relaxation claims
  • Eligibility certificate of class 12th
  • Two recent colored passport-sized photographs


As per the management quota, the eligibility criteria are as follows-

  • Candidates should be qualified by SSLC/THSLC (10th standard) or equivalent examination in mathematics, English, and Science subjects.
  • Candidate must be passed the 10+2 class from a recognized board of education

As per the Government quota

  • Candidates must be a minimum of 16 years of age.
  • 50% of seats are reserved as Government quota. The seats were allotted by the Commissioner of Entrance Examinations (CEE), Govt. of Kerala.

TOMS College is one of the best private polytechnic colleges in Kerala whose main aim is to provide high-quality education in engineering disciplines and to create a balance of academic, professional, and extracurricular programs in the atmosphere of college to upgrade the skills and knowledge of the students.


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