Is BDS considered a doctor in India?


BDS (Bachelor in Dental Surgery) is one of the most popular and recognised dental degrees in India. The sole academic and professional dental surgery curriculum in India are the BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery). It shares the “Dr” domain with the MBBS and is equal. It is the student’s second choice in the field of medical education, following the MBBS course.

In this subject, students receive instruction on dentures, dental problems, and surgery. The degree programme is also strong and has a strong emphasis on employment, and there are many opportunities in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturing industries.

An individual who plays a crucial part in the treatment of dental issues is awarded a BDS degree. All dental and related disorders are prevented, diagnosed, and treated by dentists.

The BDS course is really difficult, so you need to be enthusiastic, have a diligent study attitude, and be mentally focused to be successful.

The only organization that certifies the dental programmes is the Dental Council of India. Students after the 12th grade in the medical area are presently in high demand for this course. 

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree is conferred upon satisfactory completion of the four-year academic programme and the one-year required internship programme in dental education. You can start working as a dentist after earning your BDS.

Introduction to BDS

The only recognised professional dental course in India is the 5-year undergraduate BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) degree. It is a prerequisite education for people who want to work as dentists in public or private hospitals. The primary focus of BDS is to introduce and educate students about the dental sciences and procedures. 4 years of classroom instruction and 1 year of required rotating internship make up the 5-year curriculum.

The Dental Council of India (DCI) controls the degree. The programme includes teachings in dental histology, oral pathology, oral surgery, and other BDS topics.

In India, passing the 10+2 exam or earning an equivalent degree from an accredited institution with at least 85% is a requirement for admission to BDS programmes. In India, there is often just one admission exam held. Once a year, a nationwide level entrance exam with the name National Eligibility cum Entrance Exam (NEET) is held.

According to the most recent statistics, there are currently more than 300 dental colleges in India, totaling 26,000 seats among both public and private institutions. The cost of a BDS programme in India ranges from INR 1 to 8 lacs.

The course’s graduates have the opportunity to pursue profitable careers as dentists, professors, and dental research scientists, at reputable hospitals, and even in the field of education. These experts often start out earning between INR 4 and 10 lacs annually. In government clinics and hospitals, there are BDS Govt Jobs accessible. Completing your BDS degree from a well-established and reputed college like Mansarovar Dental College which is the best dental college in Madhya Pradesh, helps you to get great knowledge and career opportunities ahead.

Career outlook after BDS

Dental school graduates are permitted to use the prefix “Dr.” before their names after completing the BDS programmes.

There is a great demand for and subsequent respect for skilled and experienced dentists due to the rise in stress levels, pollution, and unhealthy lifestyles, as well as the awareness of the effects these factors have on oral and physical health.

A dentist’s vast range of practice both now and in the future will always be complemented by its ability to save lives.

Following completion of a doctorate in dentistry, there are numerous solid employment options as well as opportunities for advanced study. It is the profession with the highest rate of employment.

A BDS graduate may enroll in PG programmes leading to the MDS in Domain (Master of Dental Surgery). Candidates for the MDS might choose to specialize in any of the dentistry field’s disciplines. Candidates who are interested may also enroll in a doctor of philosophy programme.

For BDS graduates, a teaching career is also an option. Any of the top dental colleges will hire dentists interested in teaching. They are qualified to become Deans and hold roles as professors or HODs.

A BDS alumnus is eligible to enroll in PG courses leading to the MDS in Domain (Master of Dental Surgery). Any discipline within dentistry is an option for MDS candidates to specialize in. Candidates can also enroll in a doctor of philosophy programme if they are interested.

For BDS graduates, a career in education is another choice. Anyone interested in teaching will be hired by any of the leading dental schools. They are qualified to hold positions as professors or HODs and to become deans.

The employment alternatives for a BDS graduate are numerous. After successfully completing a BDS programme from the dental college in Madhya Pradesh, candidates can find employment in both the nation’s private and public sectors. Following completion of the BDS, candidates can take advantage of the opportunity listed below.

  • Establish a private practice
  • Consultant
  • Teaching
  • Oral adviser
  • Government practitioner
  • Dentist
  • Dental Surgeon
  • Endodontic
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologists
  • Oral Surgery
  • Orthodontics
  • Pedodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Prosthodontics

Is BDS considered a Doctor in India?

BDS graduates are awarded the “DR. (Doctor)” title upon completing the degree. So, YES BDS graduates are “DOCTORS” and should receive equal respect and importance as the MBBS graduates receivers.

If you understand it correctly, a person conducting surgery with a certified degree is a doctor. And BDS stands for BACHELOR OF DENTAL SURGERY.

Every dentist has heard the phrase “Dentists are not doctors” at least once throughout their profession. In India, it’s rather typical for some individuals to truly think that dentists aren’t doctors. Here are a few examples that demonstrate that dentists are medical professionals:

  1. Dentists are able to recognize disorders such
  • Diabetes
  • AIDS
  • Dental Cancer
  • Jaundice
  • Blood disorders (Haemophilia, Anaemia, etc),

etc. much before doctors with any other specialization.

Dentists have stopped the growth of deadly diseases and saved countless lives.

  1. Dentists can conduct procedures like
  • Wisdom tooth removal (disimpaction)
  • Cleft lip and palate operations
  • Accident-related Head & Neck Trauma and Reconstruction Surgery
  • Head and neck cancer
  • All forms of jaw surgery
  • A nose job
  • Surgery for dental implants
  • Cosmetic surgery for the face
  1. Dentists administer intramuscular injections with a high degree of precision; failure to do so can result in very serious, potentially fatal, consequences.
  2. Similar to how cardiologists examine the entire body before concentrating on the heart, dentists examine the entire body before focusing on the teeth and the structures around them.
  3. Because teeth and other structures are so intricate, other doctors, even super specialists, are unaware of them. To appropriately address various aspects, dentistry has been separated into 9 branches.

Thus, Dentists (BDS graduates) are Doctors and help in making the nation disease free to a great extent. Hence, we should start giving dentists the respect they deserve.

Eligibility to study BDS

Admission to a specific college and course requires meeting the requirements for that course. The following are the primary qualifications for admission to BDS programmes:

The prospective candidate must have earned at least a 50% overall grade point average in their 10+2 qualifying exam or an equivalent degree from a recognized institution.

Students must have completed their 10+2 with main subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology.

The admissions process for practically every college that offers this course is dependent on the NEET score. To be admitted, the applicant must pass the exam’s cut-off score.

Students who successfully pass the entrance exam must show up for the college-organized counselling sessions.

Typically, three counseling sessions are held in a row.

Best colleges to pursue BDS in MP

Let us see the best Dental colleges in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh:

  1. Mansarovar Dental College, Bhopal- This institute was established in the year 2007 by Sri Sai Gramotthan samiti. This college offers 100 seats for BDS students in Orthodontics, periodontics, Prosthodontics, conservative, and endodontics. MDC involves students in various research and development projects in their in-house research center and with other external organizations. They also have a functional dental hospital. Mansarovar dental college is a trusted and reputed BDS college in Madhya Pradesh.

BDS Syllabus

The five-year programme has a broad curriculum. There is a set curriculum for each year so that students may devote enough time and attention to each subject. The following is a list of the BDS course syllabus of the top BDS college in Bhopal.

1st Year 2nd Year

Dental Histology

Nutrition and dietetics

Dental Anatomy

Embryology and oral history

Human physiology 

Human Anatomy 

Preclinical Conservative dentistry


Dental pharmacology and therapeutics

Oral Pathology



Dental materials


3rd Year 4th year
Gen Surgery

Gen Medicine


Oral Pathology

Oral Microbiology


Public Health



Oral Medicine


Oral Surgery



Practice Observership

Conservative Dentistry

5th Year
One year of internship


Admission Criteria

The admission criteria for BDS in India are:

  • The national-level NEET exam, which is administered throughout the nation, is typically the means of admission to BDS programmes.
  • Since 2016, students must take the NEET exam in order to be admitted to medical programmes including MBBS, BDS, etc.
  • The student’s performance on the qualifying 10+2 exam must be at least 50% to qualify for the programme.
  • Only applicants who meet the requirements can participate in the college’s admissions process.
  • Applicants who have clear cut-off scores are invited for counseling sessions.

To sum up,

Hope, with this post, you are clear that BDS is considered a doctor in India and about the admission process of the best dental college in MP from where you can pursue your BDS. 


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