Every student aspires and puts their utmost effort to emerge victorious in their career. Success in one’s career depends on multiple factors, and one among them is choice of course.

The penultimate purpose of pursuing any course is to lead a successful career. The value of the course determines the value of the individual’s career. The choice of course by a student significantly impacts the success rate of their career. So, it is highly important to make the right choice at the right time. 

Specific courses always have a higher value, and the demand stays top even the tides of time go up and down. One such course is BAMS. In this article, let us get a precise idea about BAMS and its future scope in this professional arena.

What is BAMS?

Ayurveda is a branch of medicine that has been standing out as one of the best medicinal practices worldwide. Having its origin in India, Ayurveda is an efficient medical practice that aids in treating and curing various ailments and diseases. It involves the usage of herbal medicines, practicing yoga and meditation, prescribing special diets, and so on. 

BAMS stands for Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, and it is an Undergraduate course in Ayurveda. This course is recognized by the Ministry of AYUSH(Ayurveda, Yoga& Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy).

There are many best ayurvedic colleges in India, such as Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College, MP. Such ayurvedic colleges provide BAMS courses and are known as the best BAMS college in Madhya Pradesh. 

Future scope of BAMS:

BAMS college in Bhopal has a wide range of career options and sectors open for the future. Being a blooming and ever-developing medicinal field, BAMS doctors can find jobs in multiple areas as follows.

Sectors open for BAMS graduates:

A BAMS graduate has various sectors wide open as follows:

  • Medical sector: The first and foremost job preference of any BAMS graduate would be to practice Ayurvedic medicine as a doctor. There is a considerable demand for Ayurvedic General physicians nowadays.
  • Education sector: A BAMS graduate can also start their career as faculty in any ayurvedic college if they possess an interest in teaching. This platform will help the graduate to share their knowledge with future medical professionals.
  • Research sector: A BAMS graduate can indulge in the research and development of new Ayurvedic medicines under any pharmaceutical company.

Career options after the BAMS course:

Here is the list of multiple career options after graduation.

  • General physician: A BAMS doctor can help either practice under a senior doctor for the experience or can open their own clinical service for the public. 
  • Professor: A BAMS graduate can become a professor in any reputed ayurvedic college in MP and train future doctors with their knowledge. It will also help the graduate to upgrade their knowledge in the field.
  • Drug Manufacturer: A BAMS graduate can work under any drug manufacturing unit. Their knowledge about the value of medicinal plants can be incorporated to develop new upgraded medicines.

The additional advantage for BAMS graduates is the requirement in the Government sector. The Government of India hires BAMS graduates for job roles such as clinical research associates, medical officers, pharmacists, and lecturers. 

The salary scale for various professions after BAMS:

  • A BAMS doctor can earn around 70,000 to 80,000 per month initially. Later on, with experience, the pay scale can reach as much as 3,00,000 per month.
  • A BAMS lecturer can earn around 80,000 to 1,50,000 per month.
  • A clinical research associate earns up to 2,00,000 per month under reputed universities and companies.
  • A BAMS graduate working in a drug manufacturing unit is estimated to earn around 80,000 monthly.

Top companies that hire BAMS graduates:

Here is the list of top-notch companies that hire BAMS graduates for various roles.

  1. Zandu Ayurveda
  2. Emami Ltd.
  3. Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd.
  4. Himalaya Wellness
  5. Vicco Laboratories
  6. Dr. Chandrika’s Kerala Ayurveda
  7. Charak Pharma Pvt Ltd.
  8. Exmed Healthcare
  9. Apex 
  10. Dabur Ltd.

Higher studies scope for BAMS:

A BAMS graduate can also pursue specializations in Ayurveda. 

Postgraduate MD courses such as MD Prasuti Evam Stri Roga(Obstetrics and Gynecology), MD Shakalya Tantra(Eyes, ears, nose, head, throat, neck and dentistry), MD Ayurved Samhita Evam Siddhant and so on are available in best ayurvedic colleges. 

There are also pharmaceutical courses after BAMS, such as PG Diploma in Drug Regulatory affairs.

Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College(MAMC):

Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College(MAMC) is one of India’s prominent and renowned Ayurvedic colleges. It was established in 2015 by the Shri Sai Gramothan Samiti. 

The fundamental objective of this Ayurvedic college is to produce professional, efficient, qualified doctors by providing high-quality education through specialized faculties with top-notch facilities.

Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College is located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, and is successfully sustaining itself as the best ayurvedic college in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. This college has got the approval of CCIM Govt. of India(AYUSH) and is affiliated with the MP Health Science University.

Eligibility for BAMS course:

The eligibility criteria for the BAMS course are as follows:

  • The student should have completed 10+2 in any recognized board with physics, chemistry, and biology as compulsory subjects.
  • The student should have obtained 50-60% aggregate or equivalent CGPA.
  • The student should be at least 17 years of age.

Duration of BAMS course:

BAMS course is a 5.5-year-long undergraduate Ayurveda course, and it involves 4.5 study years and one year of the intern period.

Reasons to choose MAMC:

Every student has specific requirements for a comfortable study environment to complete the course successfully. Here is the list of reasons for students to choose MAMC for their BAMS course.

  • Highly qualified faculties: A successful student is produced only when educated with proper knowledge about the field. It is vital to have a talented faculty with immense expertise in the area, which is available at MAMC.
  • Well-equipped laboratories: Hands-on training is the best methodology to train students in any field. In order to provide vital hands-on training, MAMC has well-equipped laboratories.
  • Research facilities: MAMC provides a platform for aspiring students to conduct research in various branches of Ayurveda under its guidance.
  • Modern infrastructure: The classroom facilities and other facilities are highly maintained for the convenience of the students.


An undergraduate degree is a foundation for the future career of every student. Every student must take utmost care in selecting the college for their studies. To choose a college, it is essential to check for the best faculties, better infrastructure, a student-friendly environment, and much more.

We at Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College provide all the amenities with the best standards for the welfare and betterment of future doctors. We extend helping hands to the students and raise their careers to a whole new level. 

Trust MAMC, the best Ayurvedic Medical College and hospital in Madhya Pradesh, and shine through in your career.


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