How to Prepare for a Career in Information Technology?


In search of a rewarding career? Interested in a career in the information technology industry? Are you unsure where to begin? Then this is the article for you. If you enjoy using technology and spend time on all things digital, a career in information technology may be perfect for you. With a wide range of job choices, information technology is a profession that is expanding quickly. In this industry, there are several opportunities. One can work with computers, mobile devices, networks, websites, and many other things as an IT professional. Engineering in information technology is a popular field with a promising career. In this article, we will look into various courses in information technology, B Tech in Information Technology, top B Tech colleges in Chhattisgarh, and career opportunities in the Information Technology field.

Courses in Information Technology

Aspirants might find lucrative employment opportunities in the sector of information technology. After finishing class 10th or 12th, one can follow any of the courses mentioned below for a career in information technology.

  • Diploma: One of the most common courses taken by students after and before finishing their 12th grade is the diploma in polytechnics. It lasts three years and covers about half of the engineering curriculum.
  • Undergraduate: A four-year BTech/BE degree undertaken by students with the goal of preparing them to work in the industry and utilize their skills and knowledge gained throughout the graduation program.
  • Post-Graduate: Following graduation, MTech/ME in Information Technology is the next stage. It lasts two years and aids in the development of pupils’ raw talents.
  • Doctoral: The doctoral course is the highest level of education in information technology, lasting 3-4 years and involving research and depth themes in information technology.

Information Technology Engineering

The engineering discipline of information technology offers excellent career opportunities and has grown in stature over time, opening up several opportunities in the global computer industry. A bachelor’s degree program in engineering with a focus on information technology is known as BTech. The BTech curriculum lasts four years and focuses on computer software development, software engineering, and computer systems.

Other than industrial and high-risk operations, every minor daily action is now managed and carried out with the support of IT. The field of information technology is concerned with the control and security of data via electronic devices and software.

Best private colleges for BTech in India

The top 10 universities in India that provide specializations in information technology (IT) engineering are listed below. College Location
1. KK Modi University Mahmara, Chhattisgarh
2. Woxsen University Hyderabad, Telangana
3. Vellore Institute of Technology – [VIT University] Vellore, Tamil Nadu
4. New Horizon College of Engineering- [NHCE] Bangalore, Karnataka
5. Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology – [Thapar University] Patiala, Punjab
6. Parul University Vadodara Vadodara, Gujarat
7. Indian Institute of space science and technology – [IIST] Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
8. Institute of technical education and research – [ITER] Bhubaneswar, Orissa
9. Birla Institute of Technology – [BIT Mesra] Ranchi, Jharkhand
10. Delhi Technological University – [DTU] New Delhi, Delhi NCR

If you are looking for the top university in Chhattisgarh that offers world-class Btech in IT degrees, we have you covered too. KK Modi University offers a host of B Tech specializations in the hottest IT disciplines. It has many industry partners who collaborate on the teaching experience and offer direct placements. It has a world-class campus and a student-focused teaching environment that can only go to create leaders in the IT sector.

Eligibility Criteria

There are many admission options available to students who want to enroll in the B Tech in Information Technology program. One of the most common and popular ways is to take the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) and NBA admission (National Board of Accreditation) entrance exams.

JEE Main, JEE Advanced, VITEEE, MHT CET, and TS EAMCET are the most prevalent entrance exams for admission to renowned BTech universities in India.

Information Technology Curriculum

There are 8 semesters in the four-year B Tech in Information Technology program. The curriculum for each semester should generally include a mix of theoretical and practical courses.

I&II Semester III Semester
English Engineering Mathematics – III
Mathematics I & II Signals & Systems
Applied Physics Digital Principles & System Design
Applied Chemistry Principles of Communication
Basic Civil & Mechanical Engg Computer System Architecture
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engg Object Oriented Programming
Basic Computer Science and Engg Sanskrit & Indian Culture
Engineering Drawing OOPS Lab Using Linux Platform
Environmental Science and Engg Digital Lab
Sanskrit & Indian Culture I & II
Physics Lab
Chemistry Lab
Computer Lab
Workshop Practical
Electrical Workshop
IV Semester V Semester
Applied Statistics And Probability Numerical Methods and Statistics
Computer Graphics and Multimedia Information Coding Techniques
Data Structures and Algorithms Computer Networks
Digital Signal Processing Relational Database Management System
Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Introduction to Java Programming
System Software Operating System
Sanskrit & Indian Culture Sanskrit & Indian Culture
Data Structures Lab RDBMS Lab
Microprocessor/ Microcontroller & Assembly Language Programming Lab Java Programming Lab
VI Semester VII Semester
Data Warehousing and Data Mining Software Engineering
Mobile computing Professional Ethics and Human Value
Distributed Computing Component-Based Technology
Object Oriented System Design Dot Net Technologies
Cryptography and Network Security Elective- I
Embedded System Elective- II
Sanskrit and Indian Culture Dot Net Lab
Network Lab Using Linux Platform CASE Tools Lab
Web Technology Lab
VIII Semester
Engineering Economics and Management (Common with BE CSE)
Elective – III
Elective – IV
Project Work

Careers in Information Technology

The growth of technology has greatly increased the opportunities available to BTech students in the sector of IT. A quick rate of growth is being seen in the information technology sector. A Network Administrator, Information Technology Manager, Software Engineer, Software Developer, DevRel Engineer, Computer Security Specialist, Data Security Administrator, Computer Technician, Database Administrator, Information Technology Recruiter, System Administrator, Information System Manager, Process Manager, Mobile Developer, Blockchain Developer, UI/UX Designer, and other positions are available to Information Technology students.

After completing their education, information technology engineers may expect a fantastic remuneration package. IT engineers are receiving competitive salary packages from companies since they are essential to the organization’s seamless functioning. According to Payscale, an entry-level IT worker may expect 2 to 6 lakh INR per year, while an experienced one can expect 5 to 25 lakh INR per year.


There are numerous career opportunities available in the industry for those who have completed their B Tech in Information Technology from KK Modi University. Microsoft, Google, Intuit, Indeed, Infosys, HCL, JP Morgan & Chase, Adobe, Sony, Amazon, Accenture, Wipro, TCS, and other big IT giants have been actively recruiting across India. These companies provide both off-campus and on-campus job opportunities. If you are a recent university graduate, you will often go through training before being classified as a software developer or programmer, for example. You may become a project leader in around three years, depending on your job and the abilities you build. Without having served as a project lead, you could be promoted to a manager’s position if you are chosen to work on-site at a customer’s organization abroad. Numerous IT specialists employed by Indian businesses have the opportunity to work at clients’ locations abroad, exposing them to foreign working practices and cultures.


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