How to Ride Your Cargo Ebike Safely


Cargo bikes are as old as ebiking, combining all the thrills, fun, and health benefits of cycling. They are the perfect choice for transporting kids, purchasing groceries, and carrying cargo. The design of the robust bikes is to transport heavy goods and two or more passengers. The bikes come in various sizes and forms, can have two or three wheels, and frequently have a longer wheelbase than a typical bicycle. They also include room for lugging stuff in either the front or back.

To suit your particular carrying requirements, you may customize cargo bikes by adding child bike seats, panniers, boxes, rain coverings, or even racks for a surfboard or paddleboard. There are several things you should consider when riding your electric cargo bike. One of which is the safety features of your bike. Taking safety precautions when strapping your kids, pets, or cargo would be best.

Cargo Ebike Safety Tips           

Haoqi wants nothing more than to ensure you have all the information you need to use your cargo ebike safely. Below are some essential e bike safety tips to help you ride safely:

Always Wear a Helmet 

An essential safety accessory you can use is a helmet. Protecting your head is very important if you want to avoid severe head injuries in case of accidents. Even though wearing a helmet will not prevent every accident, it can save your life in the event of one. Before riding an electric bike, it’s essential to learn about the rules of the road. Keep in mind that laws can change. Check your state’s helmet age requirements and passenger bike helmet laws before riding your electric cargo bike. While it may be optional to wear a helmet, it’s best to wear one.

Be mindful of speed bumps and other obstructions.

As you approach bumps and other obstructions on the road, ensure you slow down. It would help if you got cargo bikes with premium tires that can resist punctures. Even in the harshest weather, these high-quality rubber wheels perform well on a wide range of surfaces. Due to the tires’ best-in-class nature, you will confidently approach speed bumps, potholes, rocky patches, and any other daily obstruction.

Know your Routes

Part of being a safe cyclist is knowing the ins and outs of the roads you will be riding on. Before starting your journey, map out a route that avoids high-traffic areas and busy intersections whenever possible. Mapping out a plan also takes the stress out of real-time navigation, allowing you to have a smooth ride without unnecessary hindrances. You can check online resources if you need clarification on the best routes before you head out.

Perform a pre-ride inspection

Accidents can occur if your bike is not maintained correctly. Before every ride, check these important things. First, make sure the front wheel is securely fastened. Check that the hardware that holds the axle in place is tight enough, regardless of whether your model came with a quick-release front wheel or a bolt-on axle. Also, make sure the tires are properly inflated. On the side of the tire, you will find the appropriate PSI. The gears and chain should then be lubricated and free of debris. Before you ride, squeeze both brake levers to ensure they engage correctly.

Ebike’s Payload capacity

Each ebike model weighs differently. Additionally, all cargo ebikes have the potential to be heavier than regular ebikes due to their additional storage components. Therefore, learn about your ebike’s weight before riding. It is essential to keep in mind that the bike’s size is necessary. If an ebike is too small or too big, it could be dangerous to mount and dismount beyond your physical capabilities, making riding difficult.

What to look out for when choosing an electric cargo bike

E-cargo bike is an effective and comfortable way to transport cargo and make last-mile deliveries. The following are some factors to look out for when purchasing a cargo ebike:

Racks and other Accessories 

What makes an ebike an electric cargo bike are the extra compartments that come with it. These bikes have integrated front baskets, rear racks, and panniers which would help you carry items from one place to another. You can customize the storage area of your cargo ebike by adding other components to make you stress-free. The beauty of a cargo bike lies in its adaptability to perform in any way you choose! Look at Haoqi accessories—they offer many functional and stylish customization.

Easy To Control

An electric cargo bike is one of the strongest and most stable. The Haoqi Antelope keeps you safe on the road while providing a comfortable ride. Its fast-rolling tires improve balance, comfort, and stability across various terrains. Even though electric cargo bikes are larger than traditional bikes, they are still simple to control. The rapid and potent braking system is made possible by the Gemma mechanic 180mm discs.

Reach High Speed with Minimum Effort

A cargo E-bike makes it simple to maintain a steady speed without exhausting your legs even when carrying a heavy load. The 500W Bafang Motor, for instance, in the Antelope cargo bike, gives you an additional boost to keep your bike cruising. Also, its Shimano- 14-28T BROWN/BK ensures smooth shifting, so there’s no need to worry about cargo E-bikes being more challenging to ride than regular E-bikes.

Travel further

An electric cargo bike can support you and give you the boost you need while carrying weight, and it can also help you go the extra mile. The Antelope has a 500Wh battery that can boost your pedaling for 50-80 miles on a single charge depending on the assist mode, terrain, and weight. In the storage case, you can carry about 350 lbs of payload without reducing your range.

Why HAOQI Antelope is the best Cargo Electric bike

The HAOQI Antelope Cargo Electric Bike with Dual Battery is what you need for commuting and carrying cargo effortlessly. Its overbuilt frame and wide range of accessories make the Haoqi Antelope an excellent choice for carrying a load. It has a 500W Bafang Motor with a high-performing battery capacity of 48V 25AH high-tech Lithium-ion.

One distinguishing factor of this Cargo ebike is that it has a dual battery set that works Simultaneously, allowing you to ride up to 80 miles. Equipped with the Shift System and 7-Speed Gear Set, you can adjust the comfortable speed with the pedal assist in finishing your journey. The crank arm is made of high-quality material to ensure strength and lightness. The mechanical Disc Brakes, front 180mm and rear 160mm, are simple to maintain and effective in most situations.

The Antelope ebike is a long-lasting, safety-focused cargo e-bike that can carry a payload of up to 350 lbs and weighs 84 lbs. You get a free Haoqi rear rack and full fenders when you purchase the Antelope electric bike.


In addition to improving your physical fitness, electric cargo bikes are a fun, convenient, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. You will enjoy all the benefits of riding a cargo ebike with Haoqi Antelope cargo ebike if you follow safety precautions. Always prioritize safety when riding an ebike, whether a novice or an experienced rider.


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