5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About a Skip Bin Hire

Skip Bin Hire

A skip bin hire seems like a pretty cut-and-dry thing. You book with a skip bin hire company, they deliver it to you, you fill it up, and the company collects it and takes it to a licensed disposal facility. 

While this is an extremely simple process, some questions come up frequently; here are the answers to them.

Who can use a skip bin? A skip bin can be hired by anyone needing to get rid of rubbish. It’s great for residential use, businesses benefit from the large bin sizes, and commercial properties find it useful for big renovations. So basically, anyone can use one.

What sizes do skip bins come in? Skip bins come in all shapes and sizes and are measured primarily by volume, so cubic metres. The smallest skip is around 2m3 with larger ones going up to 12m3

If you’re wondering how much can fit in a bin, 1m3 is about the size of a flat back ute tray or four wheelie bins.

What type of waste can be thrown in a skip bin? This may vary from one bin company to another due to where they take your bin after collecting it. But generally, anything can be tossed in a skip bin if it’s not considered a hazardous material.

So, things like plastics, whitegoods, green waste, timber, concrete, bricks, and electronics are just a few materials on the “okay to throw away” list. 

What waste can’t be thrown in the skip bin? The shorter, more important list to know is what cannot go in a skip bin. That list includes asbestos, chemicals, toxic waste, and items like oil heaters, gas bottles, fire extinguishers, and food and liquids. 

How long can I hire a skip bin for? Again, this is something that varies between companies. The most common period is two to five days for a flat fee. Some companies will let you keep them longer, whilst others need them back asap for other customers. 

Knowing the answers to these questions will prepare you for when you’re ready to book a skip bin hire for your next project.


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