Why Does Mr Beast Give Away So Much Money

why does mr beast give away money

Ever wondered why does Mr Beast give away money to random people? Are his intensions pure?

Jimmy Donaldson is a famous American YouTuber popularly known as Mr Beast. Having about 112m subscribers on his YouTube channel is what gave him all this fame.

At the age of just 13, he joined YouTube in 2012. Too young, right?

Well, now you know how much effort and time it took for the YouTuber to be famous and successful. His videos started with videos confined to comedic tutorials on online games, like Minecraft, Black Ops, and Call of Duty, and walkthroughs.

He even started talking about the net worth of YouTube stars, but the reaction videos he posted gave him a kick-start. But now he’s one of the stars, which made you curious to know more about him. Having 100m+ subscribers is no joke; Mr Beast also joined a battle with PewDiePie to become the most-subscribed YouTube channel.

Gradually, if you followed, he even produced videos on parody compilations on YouTube introductions, giving him extensive popularity. Have you watched the ‘Worst Intros on YouTube Series,’ where he criticized and made fun of the intros of YouTube stars?

Did you know Mr Beast 2022 also became the most-viewed and highest-paid YouTuber? He then hired his childhood friends, which made him grow and flourish.

At 24, he runs about five channels on YouTube, Beast Philanthropy, MrBeast (the main channel), MrBeast Gaming, Beast Reacts, and MrBeast 2.

Why Does Mr Beast Give Away So Much Money

Why does Mr Beast give away money

You have been following content creators, which is why you are here. Many famous popularities on social media platforms grab your attention, specifically YouTube. One of the names that draw most of your attention is Mr Beast.

Jimmy Donaldson, aka Mr Beast, is all over the internet because of his charitable videos, which make you wonder why does Mr Beast give away money.

It blows your mind as you see his charitable acts on YouTube. But why does Mr Beast give away all his money? What is the reason behind it?

Mr Beast is called the “stunt philanthropy” because of obvious reasons. You must have seen how he gave away his money, sometimes goods, and kick-started the life of strangers who crossed his path.

He even partnered with hospitals, homeless shelters, and other pet adoption centers.

If you have watched his videos, it’s evident that this guy is unbelievably charitable, and giving to people keeps him alive. And fame and popularity have given him that allowance.

But what is the reason behind the giving nature and working so closely with charity?

Mr Beast is at the top list of influential YouTubers in the entire World. He has gained respect and popularity by creating the most effective and creative content on YouTube.

You undoubtedly know him from his expensive stunt and bizarre buys. He has never missed an opportunity to entertain and enthrall through content. If you have been following him, you already know what his videos are all bout.

So why does Mr Beast work so closely with charity? Why does Mr Beast give away so much money? Don’t worry. We’ll figure it out in the latter of the explanation.

Does Mr Beast give away money to make more money?

As you would have seen in Mr Beast’s videos, he always used his acts to influence others, so by seeing this, even you will feel the urge to give. There is nothing that he wants to benefit from it. But the motive that he has is to help the needy.

Do you love animals? His dream project is to start food banks and has homeless shelters for needy people. If you have been following his channel, you know the only thing he’s looking into is helping as many people as possible and giving away whatever he can.

If you have seen him stocking many food banks on his YouTube channel, that’s not it. He also shocked many homeless shelters, children’s hospitals, and more.

Did you notice that his charity doesn’t stop at hospitals and shelters? He even helped people buy their dream houses and cars.

As you know, the World can be a better place only if you want it to be. Helping others will give you peace and create a better living place. It’s the same for Mr Beast. Now you know why does Mr Beast give away his money? To make people happy!

If you are one of Mr Beast’s followers on the YouTube channel, you must already know how great a motivator he is.

Being one of his followers if you are looking up to him, he can teach you some outstanding life lessons and inspires anyone who follows him.

Now let’s talk about money. It is evident that in order to pay so much in charity, one needs to have significant earnings. YouTube stunts where creators give away money is often a way to increase watch time.

An emotional quotient gets attached and makes you and I want to watch more such content as it fills our heart with joy. Mr Beast earns well from YouTube, brand deals, and so on. It is definitely an action that worked for him to pull in more money and become a bigger name.

But is Mr Beast did not limit his content to just charity. He has a diverse YouTube portfolio and all the people who follow him or watch him do not watch him because he does charity.

On YouTube people follow people because they vibe with their personality. It includes several aspects together and not just once niche of content creation.

Mr Beast most viewed video list

Do you know whether he just did charitable kinds of stuff and gave away money just like that? Well, he did. But there are some incredible challenge videos on his channel where he conducted contests and paid the winners.

Squid Game

Mr Beast has been giving away a lot of money, but the most viewed that you would have noticed on YouTube is the ‘$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!’ which attracted an incredible amount of 277.1 views.

The winner took around $456,000 after winning. You must have watched the famous Squid Game on Netflix. Whatever challenges were on the Netflix Show were imitated on the YouTube challenge in a non-violence way. If you have yet to see it, then make sure you do it at least once.

There were so many challenges, like the tug of war, the dalgona challenge, stepping on glass stones, etc., that give you the feel of the Squid Game. Of course, you cannot see the killing here!

Mr Beast giving away $456,000 is no joke, right?

Why Does Mr Beast Give Away So Much Money

10 vs 1000 Player Manhunt!

Suppose you would have seen this video on YouTube, where he gets a thousand players and initiates a manhunt among the top YouTubers. The winner wins a TV worth $30,000. Have you seen this video which has about 13.5 million views?

100,000 Player Building Challenge!

This challenge involves about 100,000 players, and you’ll be given seven days to build something incredible as a Minecrafter. And at the end winner gets a handsome amount of $50,000. Check out this video that had about 20.8m views.

Whatever You Build, I’ll Pay For!

In this challenge, Mr Beast gives away to the players no matter what they build. Check it out where he even gave cars and even gaming systems.

The success story behind why does Mr Beast give away money

What made Mr Beast so well-established and successful that he could do pay so many people?

Mr Beast had his childhood buddies on board with him in this noble cause. Chandler, Chris, Jake, and Garrett are his childhood buddies that worked with him to achieve the success that he has today on YouTube.

As you know, having the right circle can make you grow and establish, whereas a wrong group can turn things down. Like Mr Beast, his small process helped him promote and make his YouTube channel 100m+ subscribers.

If you have seen his videos, his friends are even featured in some of his videos. With time his team grew more prominent, creating multiple projects for his YouTube channel. But in life, nothing comes easy. You ought to face your part of criticism in the journey to success.

Likewise, Mr Beast also faced his share of criticism. But all he did was focus on his goal and ignore the negativity, the same thing you should take as a lesson. Mr Beast could do so much for people because he had his goal clear, and nothing could stop him.

Along the way, his giveaway contests also became viral, which gave him all the more popularity. Not only money, if you have seen his videos, but he also gave away several luxurious cars, mansions, and much more.

The most shocking instance was in the video where he met a homeless guy and gave away $10,000! Check out this viral video which created a storm on the internet.

Want to know his Net Worth? Since he could give away so much? As per resources, Mr Beast’s net worth stands at $25m, making about $3m to $5m a month.

Did you know that Forbes also ranked him as the highest-earning creator on YouTube for 2021, with an estimated $54m?

Accomplishments and awards

You get honored and recognized when you do such great stuff. For his great work, Mr Beast is one such identity recognized by different platforms.

In 2019, he got the title of Breakout Creator in the 9th Streamy Awards for the outstanding network that he created online.

In 2020, he then bagged the award as the Social Good: Creator, Creator of the Year, Social Good: NGO, and lastly, Live Special.

Again in 2021, he bagged the creator of the Year award. He was also recognized as the Favorite Male Creator in the Kids’ Choice Awards.

Since 2019, he has been nominated under various categories by highly-recognized award shows.

Talking about YouTube Creator, he has already received the Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Red Diamond awards. These awards are given to the YouTubers by YouTube to honor the number of subscribers they have for their channel.

Along with being famous, sometimes you might forget the value of kindness, and giving nature tends to fade away. But that was not the case for Mr Beast, and he got stronger in his approach by helping others in every way he could. Whether it is a charity or just making someone smile, it all counts for him.

Most expensive Mr Beast giveaways

Now that you know how rich Mr Beast is let’s see the most expensive giveaways he has done so far. Still, wonder why Mr Beast gives away so much money. The below list will amaze you:

Private Island worth $2 million

The biggest giveaway that Mr Beast gave was when he celebrated 100m subscribers on his channel. One of the subscribers on the island, which was $2 million! Wishing it were you? You never know. Maybe next time?

Chocolate bars worth $1.3 million

The second-biggest giveaway was for chocolate lovers. This was not a challenge but a window where you could use a discount code and get yourself chocolate bars worth $1.3m.

Last To Take Hand Off $1,000,000

This was a challenge in which you have to hold a cube of money, and the last one to take off will take away $1,000,000m.

Hide and seek challenge

In this challenge, he splits a $1m prize pool among 100 contestants competing in the ‘100 Person Extreme Hide and Seeks’ in September 2022.

Island worth $800,000

This was the most expensive giveaway for Mr Beast, where he gave away an island that cost $800,000. In 2020, there was a survivor-like contest riddled with some challenges, which his childhood buddy finally won.

Final Thoughts

Mr Beast is a marketing genius and he built a brand for himself around giving money away. If you check out some of his videos on YouTube you will realize that he makes every competition is fun and engaging that millions of people watch it. The Squid Game video currently has over 342 million views.


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