How to start and grow your YouTube channel as a blogger

How to start and grow your YouTube channel as a blogger

YouTube is the second largest search engines in the world. People all over the world spend billions of hours online watching videos on YouTube every day. However, being successful as a video blogger requires a lot of planning. It isn’t enough to have a YouTube channel and put videos on it. To be successful on YouTube there are some basic things you need to know.

Setting Up Your Page

Just like a regular blog, running a video blog successfully depends on how you set up your channel. There are some things you need to know when setting up a YouTube channel and basic sets of rules to follow. From the setup of your YouTube page, you should ensure that its purpose is clearly spelled out, use a name that points to what you do and adds a tempting description to the “about” section of your channel. Your cover photo is one of the most prominent features on your channel and should clearly and boldly describe what your channel is about.

Focus On A Niche

The most effective way to go about video blogging is by focusing on a particular niche and following through with it. You have to decide from the onset what you want your videos to be about. If your channel will ever be popular it has to be popular for something and you have to make that clear from the onset.

Get The Tools And Gears

While you don’t necessarily need a fancy camera or expensive gears to start making YouTube videos, you need a good one at least. Also, you will also need some basic video editing skills in order to give the best to your audience. You can go to this website to read one of the best reviews on different cameras for Youtube.

Growing Your Channel


When it comes to growing your YouTube channel, consistency is the key. Studies have shown that channels that post videos on a regular basis and more frequently generally perform better and are usually ranked higher in recommended views than channels that only post occasionally.

You should post a minimum of one video per week at the very least and you can post as much as three or four every week for optimum results. You should create an expansive library of interesting content and set up a production schedule that is sustainable and convenient.

Learn Some Tricks

To grow your channel, you need to do more than just dump videos online. Understand that you are relating with real people and you need to relate with them that way to get the best result.

Optimize Your Content

As a search engine, you need to optimize your videos if you want them to rank high on YouTube. You need a catchy title that contains the needed keywords you want to be ranked for. You also need to include keywords in your video description as this boosts your ranking as well.

Add Thumbnails And Other Extra Effects

A lovely content will ensure that a viewer visits your site again, but having a catchy thumbnail and determines how your video ranks and whether you will even get clicks in the first place. To Improve your Click-Through-Rate, you need to an attention-grabbing thumbnail.

Engage Your Audience

Your page is targeting human beings and your goal should be establishing a relationship with them. You have to ensure that every of your video is fulfilling this purpose. As a basic rule, you should ensure that your video has something in it that hooks your audience right from the beginning. Don’t start boring, or people will simply move on to the next video. Start with something interesting that gets your audience hooked and keep them with you throughout the video.

 At the end of your video, try to initiate a conversation with your viewers and you can engage them in the comment section of the video. Simple things like opening and closing graphics also help to spark your viewer’s interest.

Analyze Regularly

At the end of the day after all your efforts, you need to continually evaluate the performance of your channel. Like Google, YouTube has an analytics tool which gives you insights into how your videos are performing. This is an essential tool in planning your future videos and accurately targeting your audience effectively.

When it comes to being successful as a Vlogger on YouTube, it all about learning and re-learning. There are a lot of simple tricks that will help you achieve better and grow your channel.


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