The Best Rolex Watches to Invest in Now

Rolex Watches

The Rolex name is one which is synonymous with investment, high return potential, and the status of owning a high-grade, high-class timepiece. But, as with any luxury designer brand, while the Rolex brand alone is enough to make any timepiece from the collection a worthy investment, there are some collections and specific models which garner better returns and potential than others.

Any luxury reseller of Rolex and other branded watches will have knowledge of the value and authentication of such timepieces – and as such will be skilled in recognising a good investment from afar. This is exactly what we’re sharing in this article: taking that expertise and sharing it with buyers like you, so you can identify the best Rolex watches to invest in now. 

What makes Rolex such a highly investable brand?

As is the case with any luxury brand, the exclusive nature of each Rolex collection and new model release means that the demand always far surpasses the supply. This, combined with the fact that genuine Rolexes are made with the finest materials under the finest craftsmanship, and are on the wish lists of the rich and famous, means that every Rolex that makes its way into circulation has a following of hundreds if not thousands of potential buyers who would like to get their hands on it. 

The very best investments are driven by high demand and low supply – with Rolex combining this simple truth with a brand history and luxury connection which gives every timepiece its own slice of history. 

The pioneering history of Rolex, which produces watches for different sports and lifestyle users, and was responsible for producing the world’s first waterproof watch way back in 1926, means that as a brand it has earned its place in the history books – with this and its connection with high-status individuals across all walks of life earning Rolex a brand name that bolsters its investment potential exponentially. 

So, what are the best models of Rolex watches to buy now?

The top Rolex watches to invest in right now

All of the Rolex watches that we consider being good investments right now are currently available at relatively reasonable rates on the market, given the price correction which occurred in 2022 and brought resale prices in particular a little closer to retail levels. 

Despite this, however, demand remains high and Rolex watches on the second-hand market are still being sold for two or three times their retail value brand new – meaning, without a doubt, that a Rolex is still a viable and high returns investment. 

All of the below Rolex watches are available in a plethora of finishes and individual models, with this mini guide introducing the best collections to consider as investment opportunities. 

Rolex GMT Master

A classic in the Rolex collection, the GMT-Master is the Rolex which was designed as a pilot’s watch with two dials allowing for two different time zones to be displayed at once. With one of the simplest watch faces of any Rolex collection, the GMT-Master is an accessible piece with a multitude of finishes to create your ideal design. 

Rolex Datejust

The Datejust is one of those Rolex watches which offers a unisex design perfect for men and women – making it an instant hit on the market and the kind of timepiece which exudes elegant and timeless style. 

In terms of the colourways and finishes available across the Datejust collection, the blue watch face and white gold bezel are particularly high-quality and coveted finishes. 

Rolex Daytona

The original motorsport watch, the Daytona was named after the Florida Speedway and has been made famous over the years by Paul Newman. The three dials within the watch face allow for precision timing, with the many designs and finishes creating and enhancing the value of unique and individual models. 

Rolex as an investment

If you’re in the market for a Rolex, whether you want to wear one as part of your daily get-up or invest in one to safeguard your future, the resale market combines coveted and in-demand pieces with the valuation and authentication to ensure what you buy is really worth the price. 



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