Massachusetts’ top 5 sporting events for 2023


With the new year underway, that means the sports calendar has also flipped, meaning there’s a full year of events to look forward to for the next 12 months. In Massachusetts, it should be a fun year of sporting events beginning this month. 

Below, we’re going to go over the top five sporting events in 2023 for the state of Massachusetts and Massachusetts bettors. If you can’t get tickets to the sporting events below, at least take advantage of Massachusetts sports betting promo codes and bet on the event of your choice!

Super Bowl 57:

Super Bowl 57 may not be in Massachusetts but there is no doubt that the Super Bowl will be the most watched sporting event across the United States in 2023 including in Massachusetts, even though the Patriots will not be playing for it this season. Year after year, the Super Bowl is one of the sporting events that people bet on across the country. Residents could also bet on more than just the Super Bowl as there’s still two more weeks of action before the Super Bowl on February 12. 

NCAA Tournament

When it comes to popularity and the amount of money bet on such an event, NCAA Tournament is right behind the Super Bowl. Much like the Super Bowl, the NCAA Tournament won’t be held at all in Massachusetts this year but as one of the biggest sporting events of the year we could not fail to mention it as one of the biggest sports events of 2023. With sportsbooks expected to be launched well in advance of the NCAA Tournament, there will be plenty of time for Massachusetts residents to register with the sportsbook of their choice in time for “The Big Dance”.

NHL Playoffs

With the Boston Bruins leading the Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division comfortably by 10+ points and losing just five times in regulation this season, postseason hockey is all but guaranteed in Boston this season. There are not many states more hockey crazed than Massachusetts which only makes cities like Boston hosting NHL playoff games all the more better. Unsurprisingly, the Bruins are one of the favorites to win the Stanley Cup this season with odds all the way up to +450. A huge rise for the team that started the season at +1600 to win the Stanley Cup.

NBA Playoffs

Much like the Bruins, the Celtics are also well on their way to another playoff berth in 2023. Massachusetts loves their Celtics just as much as they love their Bruins and this year’s Celtics team has made a statement this season. Heading into mid-January, the Celtics have a 4.5 game lead over the Brooklyn Nets in the Eastern Conference and have dominated at home with a 17-5 record at TD Garden. Heading into the season, the Celtics were the favorites to win the NBA Finals and they remain one of the favorites past the mid-season mark with odds as low as +320, a significant lead over the next closest team, the Milwaukee Bucks at +500. 

Red Sox Opening Day 

Believe it or not, baseball season is just around the corner which means Opening Day isn’t too far away either. The Red Sox will begin their 2023 season on March 30th against the Baltimore Orioles. It was a tough 2022 season for the franchise but Red Sox fans will surely pack the beautiful Fenway Park on March 30th for Opening Day and nearly all season long. As of right now, the Red Sox are considered quite the longshots to win the World Series with odds ranging from +6000 to +8000. Other notable days throughout the Red Sox schedule includes Monday, April 17 against the Los Angeles Angels for Patriots Day and June 16 when the New York Yankees make their first trip to Boston this season.

This of course isn’t a complete list and is only scratching the surface of what will be the top sporting events in Massachusetts in 2023. With sports betting about to take off, it should be a fun next few months in the state as residents find their favorite sportsbooks and casinos to play on take advantage of the numerous promos and offers that will surely be offered throughout the first few months and year. 

Don’t forget, if you can’t make it to one of your favorite sporting events, it doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the action. Be sure to find all the Massachusetts sports betting promo codes and bet on all your favorite sporting events throughout the year. 



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