Masonry Work: Worth It or Not?


Building a house or office building is no easy task. From deciding on what type of material you want to choose the best construction technique, there are many things to consider before starting your project. Masonry is a building technique that consists of stacking materials such as bricks or stones. It can be used to create walls, foundations, and other parts of your home. There are different types of masonry, which vary in strength and visual appeal.

What Exactly Is Masonry?

Masonry is a construction method that essentially builds structures out of stacked units. Mortar, a paste that fills gaps between these units and makes the structure more solid, holds everything together. Masonry projects include walls, walkways, fireplaces, and more.

Masonry is an art, craft, and trade of building structures from different materials. It’s a very important part of construction because it adds durability and strength to buildings.

Common Types Of Masonry Work


A brick is a rectangular combination of clay, sand, and water. It is often reddish-brown in color. Mansory contractors Chicago use bricks to build the exterior of buildings and the walls surrounding fireplaces. Bricks are among the least expensive materials used for masonry construction.


Stone is a type of rock that comes in a variety of shapes, including rectangles and squares. It can be used like bricks to construct walkways or walls. It’s even possible to find stones with different surfaces, so you can choose one that fits the look you’re going for.


Concrete is made by combining cement, sand, and gravel. It’s applied to a property in order to create a hard base for people to walk on. Professionals will often make sure there are no cracks in the concrete and that it has a smooth finish.

Masonry Work: Advantages

  • Masonry construction can be used to reinforce the longevity and beauty of a home, as well as add structural support for the safety of those inside.
  • Masonry materials are less flammable, which makes masonry buildings less likely to catch fire from the outside.
  • Masonry construction is visually appealing. You have a variety of colors and finishes to choose from to make your home look its best.
  • Homes made with masonry materials can last for decades, meaning you can put down roots in a new location without worrying about your property’s longevity.
  • Masonry buildings are also resistant to natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes.


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