Benefits of a Photoshop Background Removal Service for E-commerce Retailers


It is no news that online shopping has taken over the world in the past years. And there is no chance of slowing down for now. The continuously increasing statistics of time and amount of money being spent online have made it crucial for e-Commerce businesses to find new ways to enhance their product visibility by their potential buyers. 

So the question is, what should you do to make your product photos stand out?

And the answer is, you can use photoshop background removal for clean, neat, and distraction-free product images.

Background Removal Service for e-Commerce is being used to influence product photo composition, manipulation, and restoration for better brand visibility. Undoubtedly, it is no less than magic to create a high-end brand-like appearance of the products.

Let’s dive in and find out more about photoshop background removal and its benefits. 

What is Photoshop background removal service?

Photoshop is widely used to enhance the image quality of products to make them visually appealing. Background removal is one of the most commonly used approaches in Photoshop to improve product view and eliminate any non-essential entity. 

The product looks simple, professional, attractive, and distraction-free.

What are the benefits of Photoshop background removal services?

Increase attention

A photo with multiple elements in the background can be confusing to the eyes and draws attention away from the main product. Undoubtedly, this is something every e-Commerce retailer wants to avoid. It is essential to gain the entire focus of their buyers on their products

For example, you are selling a bag online. You don’t need a model holding the bag to take all the attention, or your background might subsidize the vibrant colors and details of your bag.

When you are selling a bag then the showstopper should be the bag ONLY. 

The major objective of background removal is to get a distraction-free product photo, eliminating every element distributing the attention. Now, your product looks neater and more appealing.  

Enhance appearances

It’s a fact that we all remember pleasing personalities and this implies to your business as well. When a buyer sees a product that appeals to his/her senses, it will definitely gain more attention. The same thing goes for e-commerce too. A perfectly presented product has a higher chance of getting added to the cart straight away to shortlist further. Here you have already won half the battle to sell that product. 

On the other hand, a poorly presented product photo with dull colors or uneven shapes and surfaces is definitely a skip. 

Photoshop background removal service not only helps to eliminate the background, but it also enhances the appearance of the product. You can adjust the color, hide blemishes, and improve the overall look of the product. You can also hide or improve the manufacturing defect if any, that you never want your buyers to see. 

Increases professional outlook

In the era of fast-paced internet and social media creating a remarkable front image of your brand is important. Whether you own an e-Commerce website or a social media store it should look authentic and symmetrical. 

Being a brand this will directly or indirectly affect your sales. And in the end, sale matters the most. 

With background removal, you can remove the background and get product photos with a clear or white background. These images will look neat and show consistency on the webpage. 

Crisp and clear product

Buyers always want to purchase a perfect product and that is the reason why you should show them the perfect one. 

No one wants to buy ill-shaped products with uneven edges and surfaces. This will drop the visual image of your product which can adversely affect your sale. 

Hiring professionals for background removal services is advisable. Professionals can work wonders on the images and provide you with a high-quality flawless product image. You can hide creases, wrinkles; lines, and unnecessary stitches. Your product looks polished and beautiful without distorting the real image. 

That’s why we say a sophisticated picture of your product is a must for visual communication. 

Perfectly portrayed

Photos sell your products online. Shadow makes images look more natural and sometimes photoshoots don’t do justice to the shadow system. Sometimes no shadow of the product is visible due to the bright artificial light used in the shoot. This makes the product look unreal. 

With background removal service you can adjust the amount of light and manage the direction of the shadow system. You can add shadows or you can also remove unnecessary shadows. This makes your product look more natural and distraction-free. 

Covers the photoshoot mistakes

Sometimes during a photoshoot, it is difficult for a photographer to create a perfect background for the product. Backdrop, light, or the placement of the product may also cause trouble. And as a result, the photoshoot failed to give you appropriate product photos. 

Photoshop can make that photo hoot perfect. With photoshop background removal services you can get rid of things that went wrong with the photoshoot.

You can use features like batch removal, partial or complete background removal, or correct the background. It will make your product look more professional and is suitable for marketing and advertising.


Whether you are an owner of a large-scale E-commerce brand or own an online store on platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc. Showcasing an eye-catching product is your priority. For this job using photoshop background removal service is the best.

With multiple benefits of a Photoshop background removal service for E-commerce retailers, this service is no less than a magic wand to spread magic to your clients. As, what catches your eye, stays in your mind longer. 

You can get your perfect product image with PixelPhant. With the vast industry experience of 7+ years, we can cater to all the needs of our clients to get the desired outcome.


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