The Brand-New 600 GPD RO System from Waterdrop


Waterdrop unveiled the G3P600, a new and improved version of their popular G3 series on January 3rd. While continuing the excellent performance of G3 series, the G3P600 has better excellent performance in capacity, water flow, pure to drain ratio, and faucet intelligence.

AReliable Reverse Osmosis System

Waterdrop’s innovative tankless water filter, the G3, deservedly received the Red Dot Design Award following its successful launch on the Amazon US market. The G3 achieved record-breaking sales and offered users a reassuring and delightful experience thanks to its 100% safe materials and filtration process. This impressive product is a testament to Waterdrop’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Trustworthy Certification.

The 600 GPD reverse osmosis system is certified by NSF/ANSI 58 for TDS reduction and NSF/ANSI 372 for lead-free materials.

In addition, it has been shown to reduce the concentration of substances such as chloroform, alachlor, benzene, and carbofuran in the water to levels that meet or exceed the standards set by NSF/ANSI 53&58.

Exceptional Filtration Efficiency

Waterdrop G3 series filters include CF, CB, and RO. The high-quality 3-in-1 composite filter CF uses activated carbon from Sri Lankan coconut shells to remove chlorine, taste, odor, sand, rust, solids, and other contaminants. The RO filter uses advanced composite filter technology and a pore size of 0.0001 to remove the most harmful contaminants, while the CB filter improves the taste of water without adding chemicals.

Altogether, the G3 series RO system undergoes a total of 8 stages of deep filtration to deliver pure water like never before.

Stylish Tankless Layout

When it comes to choosing between a tank or tankless under-sink water purifier, many people are faced with a tough decision. Tank-based systems can be large and cumbersome, and they can also be prone to secondary pollution. Tankless systems like the G3, on the other hand, offer a sleek and compact design that has gained widespread popularity.

The G3 series RO system has a tankless design that is visually appealing and can save up to 70% of under-sink space. It also ensures the safety of the water by consistently producing purified water without the need for a storage tank. One user even described it as “stylish” in today’s kitchen trends. With the G3 tankless reverse osmosis system, you can get purified water anytime without waiting.

Simple to Set up and Substitute

Installation of conventional tank systems with RO is difficult and time-consuming, which reduces their popularity. The Waterdrop G3 Series installs in 30 minutes and changes filters in seconds. The user manual and installation video make installing a G3P600 easy, even for beginners. The G3 series simplifies filter changes and installation.

One of the key advantages of a tankless water filter system is the ease of filter replacement. Simply twist to remove the old filter, and it can be easily pulled out. This convenient process saves time and effort, making it easy to maintain your water filtration system.

Enhanced Key Functionalities

The G3P600, the first product to be released in 2023, represents a significant step forward in water purification capabilities.

Increased Capacity

The G3P600 tankless reverse osmosis system is an upgraded version that can produce 600 gallons of filtered water per day.

This is more than enough to meet the water needs of almost every American family on average. These families use about 300 gallons of water daily and use about 70% of it for various purposes indoors. With a capacity of 600 gallons per day, the G3P600 RO system is well-equipped to handle the water needs of most families in the United States.

Accelerated Water Flow

The G3P600’s 600 GPD large capacity ensures a faster, more stable, and more durable water flow. It takes only 8 seconds for the G3P600 to fill an 8 oz cup with its 0.42 gal/min flow rate, compared to 12 seconds for the traditional 400 GPD G3.

Many users have expressed frustration with slow water flow in RO systems, and Waterdrop has addressed this issue by upgrading its flagship product, the G3. The company places a strong emphasis on the user experience and works to meet the needs of its customers.

Improved Pure-to-Drain Ratio

The G3P600 tankless reverse osmosis system has a 2:1 pure-to-drain ratio, meaning it produces two cups of purified water for every cup of wastewater. This means it generates half as much wastewater as the previous 400 GPD version, helping you save money on your water bills and reducing your environmental impact.

Waterdrop is committed to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable development for the benefit of all humankind, and the G3P600 is a testament to this commitment.

Faucet Display with Smart Technology

The G3P600 reverse osmosis water system comes equipped with a smart display faucet that includes a TDS monitor, allowing users to view the current state of the filter and filtered water. The filter life indicator on the smart faucet is user-friendly and enhances the overall experience. With this feature, you can track the TDS value and filter lifespan in real time, as well as monitor water quality, and stay up to date on filter replacement dates.

Waterdrop: About

Since its founding in 2015, Waterdrop has been dedicated to providing high-quality water purification products to people all over the world.

Through years of research, design, and manufacturing, the company has released over 200 different products for water purification, including water filter pitchers, refrigerator water filters, whole house water filtration systems, outdoor filtration systems, faucet water filters, under sink water filter systems, and RO water filtration systems.

Waterdrops ultimate goal is to help businesses and families worldwide access customized water purification solutions that keep their drinking water safe and healthy and improve their overall quality of life.


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