Horse Racing Events to Pay Attention to in 2023

Racegoers watch the action from the Sky Bet Extra Places Every Day Maiden Hurdle at Catterick Bridge Racecourse.

Horse Racing is easily one of the most beloved sports in the UK and worldwide. It’s one of the few sports that’s stood firm for thousands of years, with some popular events today dating back as far as over a century! Of course, it’s easy to see why this grandiose display of skill is such a show-stopper. It takes tons of effort to train a racehorse to perform as well as the steeds we see on the field. What’s more, it’s always a thrill to see jockeys take the reins and give us an incredible view of the adrenaline-fueled action as it unfolds on the tracks.

Whether you’re in the stands or watching on a TV screen, following a horse racing event is always a thrill. If you’re someone who enjoys this activity as much as we do, then you’re probably going through a list of related events you can tune into when you find the time. Thankfully, there are many of these to sift through, but not all of them are at the same level. If you want to enjoy the cream of the crop horse racing events scheduled for 2023, here’s what to keep an eye on.

Royal Ascot

If there’s one thing we know about horse racing, it’s that its birthplace in the United Kingdom makes it a huge success within the region. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why the Royal Ascot, one of the oldest horse racing events in the UK is a crowd-pleaser you shouldn’t miss out on. This popular event often attracts the presence of the British Royal Family, so if it’s good enough for the royals, it’s good enough for us! According to TBS, the Royal Ascot is a hot spot for bettors too! This platform showcases some of the best sites you can visit to try your luck and test your predictions.

Qatar Prix De L’arc De Triomphe

Europe has a rich history of horse racing, and if there’s one country that can compete with the UK on the horse racing front, it’s France! The region hosts the Qatar Prix De L’arc De Triomphe, a 150-year-old event that garners international attention. This event is one of the most popular ones on the scene, so it’s often the first place up-and-comers go to in search of prestige. Naturally, this makes for quite the show! The race manages to surprise players with wild twists every year, and we doubt 2023 will be any different.

Saudi Cup

Following in the UK’s footsteps, many other countries around the world took a liking to horse racing, introducing their events into the circuit. One of these events is the Saudi Cup. While it might not have as rich of a history as some of the other big-name events on this list, it does have something everyone in the sports world is impressed by. Naturally, we’re talking about the $31.5 million prize pool for the top four finishing horses! This is the biggest prize purse of any horse racing event out there, so it attracts some of the best in the industry in hopes of scoring big.

The Kentucky Derby

If you’re in the mood for some US flavor, you can always turn to the Kentucky Derby for some top-tier performances and unadulterated excitement. This horse racing event might not have the biggest prize purse, but it does have a few unique aspects that make it a must-watch. First, it’s a legacy event that’s been around since 1875. On top of that, it’s the event that introduced the Triple Crown races, which are always a big crowd-pleaser. While it might not have made our list of top horse racing events to follow back in 2019, it’s certainly earned its sport for 2023.

Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is the most popular horse racing event in Australia. This one also has a pretty long history, dating back to 1861. This race attracts some of the fastest horses in the world, and while its fan base isn’t as huge as the Kentucky Derby, it manages to garner an impressive number of over 100,000 fans! As you can imagine, this makes it one of the highest-attended races worldwide, which is excellent next to its 5.6 million prize pool.


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