How to Get Money Back from Online Casino


As a gambler, it is normal to lose money that was never intended to be used for betting. Sometimes, this could be by accident or a fraudulent attack by a third party. What comes to mind at that point is how one could recover such money. This article sheds more light on the process involved in doing so.

Depending on the casino company, the response rate and complaint channels might be different. However, one situation you may find yourself in is adding money to your account by mistake. You could also want to recover money that has been staked or that was fraudulently taken from your account without your knowledge.

Money Added by Mistake

This is the easiest kind of cash that can be gotten back. It has not been staked. Thus, it can be easily returned without difficulties. All you need to do is reach out to the company, preferably via e-mail. Lodge your complaints and provide details of what you want them to do for you. Depending on the response rate of the dealer, you should get an answer, and your cash returned to you in a short period.

Some casinos, however, have a statutory waiting period within which they would get back to you. For example,   Olympia casino site has good customer support service and a fast response rate. With them, one can surely get a positive answer within a specified period. You can easily recover your money from sites like that.

Money that Has Been Wagered

This kind of cash is a bit more challenging to get back. This is because you have staked it and will most likely take a long process to resolve any issues you might have. Regardless, there are a few things you can do.

Go Over Terms and Conditions

Before sending your complaint mail, go through the casino’s terms and conditions and address the parts that refer to your case. The company would have experienced similar issues with previous users in most situations. Thus, the terms and conditions will cover a wide range of issues.

Send a Mail and Await a Response

Most casinos have a designated e-mail address for lodging complaints. It is usually located in a conspicuous part of the website. Ensure you do not leave out relevant details when sending the e-mail. Add screenshots and any available evidence to back your claims. It gives your mail more credibility and makes it easier for the company to resolve your issue.

After this, sit back and expect an answer from them. The casino also does its internal check and gives you feedback after sorting the issue. There might be a statutory waiting period too. You should follow up if you are not satisfied with how your issue is resolved. You are within your rights to highlight the aspects you are displeased with, as long as you have not acted against applicable laws.

Money Fraudulently Removed from Your Account

If you find yourself in this situation, you must act fast to prevent further loss. Report immediately to your bank and request that your account is temporarily frozen. Request the same from the gambling site and alert the necessary authorities. These actions are easy to take, given the online nature by which the companies operate.

In general, you need to take extra precautions with online casinos. Be sure to set up protection for your accounts where necessary. Use strong passwords and keep your details safe. Do not share your card details with third parties, and always seek help from friends and family when you need assistance. Gamble with a trusted platform where you are assured of great services.

Final Thoughts

Losing money to an online casino can be quite frustrating but you must compose yourself if you are in such a situation. You are communicating your issues to a casino company, and therefore you need to properly explain them. Hence, you have to be calm and provide all the vital details. You should also do your due diligence and be very cautious when involved in online transactions.


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