5 Reasons Why You Should Try Rubber Pool Deck Surfacing


Today you can find a large number of various options for surfacing your decks. Each of these has its advantages, disadvantages, and main features. Based on your preferences and budget, you can choose from different types of surfacing to find the one that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing for you.

One of the most popular options, which is increasingly in demand by many homeowners, is the rubber pool deck. And there are several reasons for this!

Let’s take a look at some of them to find out why rubber flooring is a perfect choice for pool decks.

It Is Slip-Resistant

One of the main advantages of rubber flooring is its slip resistance. Due to that feature, such type of surfacing is excellent for places that involve contact with water, such as the swimming pool area. Therefore, the tackiness feeling will remain even if the surface is wet. It also makes rubber surfacing a perfect option in terms of safety. When leaving the pool, you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling!

That’s why, if you decide to use rubber surfacing for your decks, you will make the place both wonderful and safe.

It Is Cost-Effective

Another benefit of rubber surfacing is that you can save money. Even though vinyl or PVC flooring may be cheaper to purchase and install, rubber is more durable and also less expensive to maintain. Such a type of surfacing withstands temperature changes and negative external factors, remaining in excellent condition for a long time. Thus, you can significantly reduce your maintenance, repair, and replacement costs. 

Cost-effectiveness combined with slip-resistance features makes rubber surfacing the best suitable choice for pool decks.

It Is Seamless

This type of surfacing has a seamless texture which is another bonus. With its seamless composition, the rubber flooring is one of the safest, since the absence of any seams and bumps helps prevent trips and falls. It also makes rubber a great choice for homeowners with children, as the seamless surface is perfect for outdoor areas such as pool decks. 

In addition, rubber surfacing also has shock-absorbent properties, so even in the event of a fall, it will not cause any serious injury. Therefore, rubber is safer than vinyl, wood, or concrete.

It Is Heat-Resistant

Heat resistance is another benefit you can enjoy from rubber flooring. This material perfectly prevents the absorption of heat, which makes such a surfacing especially useful for pool decks.

On hot summer days, many outdoor surfaces tend to heat up quickly, which can make them uncomfortable, for example, it may burn your feet when you’re barefoot. With great heat-resistant properties, it will no longer be a problem! What’s more, the rubber is also soft and tactile, making it an excellent option for the pool area. 

Hot air resistance additionally prevents material from wearing out due to external factors, which ensures a longer surfacing life.

It Is Customizable

If you decide to install rubber flooring, then one of the main bonuses you can get is the ability to create your design, as rubber is a perfect material for customization. Here you can apply a variety of color solutions based on your preferences to make the deck near the pool both practical and beautiful!

Discover even more about rubber surfacing and enjoy top-notch flooring services from Safestep to make your decks more stylish and safe!


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