A Handy Guide To Buying Elegant Tableware


Some have a hobby of collecting souvenirs and stamps wherever they travel; some are obsessed with collecting fashion accessories such as bags, shoes, jewelry, etc. Some people love adding exquisite items to their homes, including crockery. If you are someone who loves collecting fancy kitchenware or dinnerware, then this write-up is for you.

Whether used for dining or decoration purposes, this handy guide lists the two most used  crockeries today namely Bone China and Porcelain that are known for their elegant finish. You will learn how these tableware are made of and how durable are they for everyday use? Furthermore, you will also learn that  Pito China is the trusted dinnerware manufacturer offering widest collection of elegant Bone China, color-glazed & white porcelain products. 

Porcelain Crockery

Often described by the Chinese as a crockery item that rings when tapped, Porcelain crockery holds its central origin in China. It first appeared in Hay Dynasty, then Tang Dynasty that were made of white china or kaolin clay and ground petuntse or feldspathic rock. 

Made from fine-particle clay, ceramic is heated at an extremely high temperature that give a glass-like, non-porous surface. Besides clay, kaolin is another essential ingredient in its production. Other raw materials include feldspar, ball clay, bone ash, glass, and quartz.

Now coming to its durability and finish, Porcelain products are more durable as compared to stoneware & earthenware items. They are lightweight and are perfect for everyday use if handled with care. Since Porcelain tableware are usually in white color, they are not marked or painted in any other colors. 

Bone China Tableware

For something substantial yet elegant, there’s no better option than the Bone China crockery. These are highly durable because of their delicate-looking, thin surface. The semi-translucent look of the Bone China crockery holds exceptional capabilities to add class and style to your table or dining room. 

When it comes to care & maintenance, Bone China  items are oven, microwave & dishwasher safe. The high quality ceramic ingredient in these is made from Bone ash & China clay, indeed making it highly durable. Hence, perfect for everyday as well as special occasions. 

A Quick Comparison Of Procelain And Bone China To Make Better Decision


While the ceramic ingredient of Porcelain is made from fine clay heated at high temperature, whereas the Bone China crockery is a kind of Porcelain made from china clay, bone ash and china stone. 


While Porcelain consists of feldspar, kaolin, & quartz, the Bone China on the other hand, is made with china stone, clay, & bone ash. 

Strength & Durability

Bone China is the toughest. And is the highly durable form of Porcelain item. 


While the Porcelain products are heated at higher temperatures than the Bone China items. 


Bone China is the lightest & thinnest of Porcelain. Moreover, you can use the bone china products everyday as compared to the porcelain products, which are comparatively heavy and need to be handled with care when used daily. 


Porcelain items are the brightest as they are not painted or marked in another color. While Bone China items often come in off-white shades. 

Quick Tips To Consider When Buying Crockery For Your Home

Choosing the perfect tableware according to your needs and preferences is a challenging task to do. There are certain factors or questions which you must always ask yourself before purchasing. To help you find a perfect tableware or pottery for your table, here’s few quick tips worth following to decide what to choose & whatnot –

Check Utility

“Where & how to use dinnerware?” It is the foremost question usually comes to mind when purchasing a crockery for home. The answer to this question further answers questions related to home tableware usage, style, & purpose. And, based on these questions, you’ll be able to decide which type of crockery to go for. 

A typical setting of a table includes a bowl, a quarter plate, a dinner plate, and a cup. And for four people table setting, a 16-piece dinnerware is ideal to choose. Hence, it is essential to identify the utility and then go for crockeries. 

Preferred Size, Shape, And Color

Now, understand this, a good design, shape & color of crockery can uplift the mood while adding drama to even the basic routine food or dishes. Tableware can be dramatic or subtle depending on the size, shape, and color of the pottery you choose. 

Always have extra crockeries, so you have enough numbers when the family or guest capacity increases. Also, when adding colors, always go for subtle colors if you have a darker-tone table and choose a different pattern in darker hues if you have a light-color tabletop. 


This is another essential factor you must consider when buying the perfect dinnerware for home. Always ask yourself what tableware set you want, i.e., whether you want an informal setting or a formal one. 

Now, you can only decide the type of tableware if the occasion is evident in you. Porcelain & bone china crockeries are perfect for dinner parties, while the melamine or earthenware items works well with casual get-togethers.


It is important to remember as it will help you identify the capability tableware sets, i.e., are they safe for the oven, microwave, or dishwasher. Also, it is advisable to check the instructions given by the manufacturer when finding the right type of dinnerware. Some items are formal types and should be hand-washed, while some are sturdy enough to withstand dishwasher pressure. Some are crafted at high temperatures and are microwave & oven safe, while some can be used only on a stove. Hence, durability is important to consider beforehand. 


Selecting a perfect tableware greatly depend upon your interpretation. Whether you wish to give an aesthetic appeal to your table with white Porcelain. Or with color-glazed porcelain items, you can add a pop of color to your table that are available at Pito China in the most affordable range. Or, add class to your table with stylish & most durable Bone China crockery? Always choose tableware that not just brightens up your table but also elevates your dining space and makes your dining experience blissful. 


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