Best Fishing Destinations in Canada for 2023


For a long time, Canada has maintained the status of being one of the best fishing destinations in the world! Local anglers, visitors, and tourists can enjoy a wide array of desirable fish species, from several varieties of Trout and Salmon to incredible Halibut and delicious Panfish. 

The only challenge is selecting the right fishing spot out of so many options to start your fishing endeavour. To help you out, we’ve assembled an exciting list of the best fishing locations that nobody should miss. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to undertake the enormous responsibility of owning and maintaining a boat to explore fishing opportunities in 2023. You can simply charter a yacht Toronto or Vancouver and explore several fishing grounds to have a memorable day with friends ad family. 

These are the best fishing locations in Canada for 2023.

Fishing Destinations That you Shouldn’t Miss in 2023

Eagle Lake in Ontario

Located in Cottage Country in northern Ontario, Eagle Lake is just a hundred miles north of International Falls. This fishing paradise lies within close proximity to the cities of Dryden and Kenora. On the shoreline, you’ll find a variety of campsites ideal for both families and solo anglers. 

If you truly want to relish the Canadian wilderness, this lake should make a top entry on your bucket list when you charter a yacht Toronto. 

Typically, Eagle Lake’s fishing season starts in May and continues until November. If you’re lucky, you can expect to enjoy some interesting catch at the end of your fishing line. 

Eagle lake can satiate freshwater enthusiasts with its wide array of fish species, including Walleye, Perch, Northern Pike, Trout, and Smallmouth Bass. But the lake is widely renowned for Musky fishing. 

Fraser River in British Columbia

The majestic Fraser River is the longest waterbody in British Columbia. It is also the fifth largest in the country, flowing for over 1,375 kilometres (850 miles). 

Originating on the western slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains near the border with Alberta, the river empties into the Pacific Ocean near Vancouver. Needless to say, the scenic beauty you’ll experience is simply marvellous and breathtaking. 

The Fraser River is a prominent location for Salmon fishing. In fact, the river records the world’s largest Salmon runs! You can opt for a fishing charter Vancouver to explore the wide variety of fish species in the water body. 

As one of the most popular Salmon fisheries, Fraser River’s primary stream and tributaries are home to all five Salmon species, including Chinook, Coho, Sockeye, Chum, and Pink. 

Approximately a staggering 800 million young fish migrate along this waterbody every year. 

And, of course, you can’t miss out on Sturgeon fishing when exploring the fishing prominence in the Fraser River. 

Anglers and fishing enthusiasts from several corners of the world come here to try their luck at fishing for these massive fish species, which is a brilliantly unique experience. 

Tangling with these ginormous aquatic species is a real challenge for fishermen, regardless of their experience. Remember that these notorious fish species are highly protected. 

With fishing charter Vancouver you can enjoy year-round fishing on the waters of the Fraiser River. 

Vancouver Island

Fishing on Vancouver Island rarely requires any specific introduction. It’s immensely popular for being Canada’s one of best fishing destinations, and for a good reason. 

The fishing grounds in Vancouver Islands offer the opportunity to explore innumerable freshwater and saltwater species. You’ll find several lakes and streams that are a fly fisherman’s paradise. 

You can also explore fantastic ocean fishing opportunities with many local captains having exceptional knowledge of the best spots to catch trophies.  

Stretching over 456 kilometres (283 miles), Vancouver Island is located in the northeastern Pacific Ocean. The Island constitutes a part of the province of British Columbia. Campbell River, Nootka Sound, Tofino, Ucluelet, and Sooke are among the top freshwater fishing spots on the Island. 

With such precious and diverse fishing grounds to explore comes an impressive list of potential catches. Book a fishing charter Vancouver to enjoy catches, including Pacific Salmon and Steelhead, in lakes, rivers, and streams. 

The massive Halibut and Albacore Tuna are dominant species in the ocean. Of course, these represent just the tip of the iceberg of the “superstar” catches found on the Island. 

Thousand Islands in Ontario

The Thousand Islands is situated on the US border in the St. Lawrence River in Ontario. The beautiful river originates at the northeastern end of Lake Ontario and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. 

Not just that, the Thousand Islands conglomerate touches Lake Ontario. So, you can also enjoy a slice of Great Lakes fishing! 

You’ll find rocky outcrops, bridges, and miles of waterways to explore in the region. In the Thousand Islands region, you can explore the best fish species that St. Lawrence River has to offer, including trophy Salmon, Trout, Perch, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, Musky, Catfish, Northern Pike, Bluegill, and Walleye. 

Fishing in Lake Ontario offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy urban fishing in the Great Lake without visiting secluded fishing destinations far from the city. Charter a yacht Toronto or nearby areas to navigate through the waters of Thousand Islands. 

The northeast part of the lake features bays, islands, and offshore structures. If you dedicate the required time, you’ll have all the chances to find pretty interesting catches at your line’s end. 

Rent, Explore, and Enjoy!

With online venues for private yacht rental in Toronto and Vancouver, exploring the Canadian waterways have become easier than ever. 

Throw a ravishing birthday party, organize a corporate lunch, create memories at a family reunion or simply enjoy a relaxed holiday with your loved ones. With online rental selections, your options to explore the waterways are diverse. 

Rental vessels are always in great demand given the wanderlust population and amazing boat culture prevalent in the country. Ensure to book your ride in advance to avoid complications such as reschedules, higher pricing, or unavailability. 


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