6 Kitchen Gadgets to Make Your Own Delicious Desserts at Home

6 Kitchen Gadgets to Make Your Own Delicious Desserts at Home

Making instant desserts in your home has come a long way since the Easy Bake Oven, and you can make more than just baked goods at home— which you can already do with your oven. Over the years, several countertop kitchen gadgets and appliances have become a staple in the homes of many people (e.g., air fryers, crockpots, instant pots, toaster ovens, etc.), but they’re typically used to make meals rather than desserts. Because of this, many people still pick up something sweet to eat from a restaurant or store. 

Here’s a look at six kitchen gadgets and (a few additional ones) that will allow you to make your favorite desserts right at home— and save money in the process.

#1: Basic Blender

Most people own a basic blender, as it’s good for making sweet drinks such as milkshakes and smoothies. However, many people have switched over to using single-serve blenders, as they’re more convenient and easier to clean. Depending on the type of blender you have, you may be able to make other drinks, such as frappes by blending ice, coffee, and milk. You can even purchase a blender that offers more advanced capabilities so that you can create even more drinks.

#2: Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton candy machines are usually used at fairs, carnivals, and other large events, but what if you could make your own cotton right in your kitchen? There are smaller cotton candy machines that fit perfectly on your kitchen countertop, allowing you to have this tasty treat in a matter of minutes.

#3: Donut Maker

Have you ever tried to make your own donuts? Probably not— like most people, you probably just head to Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’ Donuts, or your local donut shop. Making your own donuts can be pretty tricky, but the good news is that you can buy a mini donut maker that makes baking these delicious treats much easier. Making your own donuts can also be a healthier option than buying them from a restaurant or store because you can use whole wheat and less sugar, and many donut makers bake the dough as opposed to frying it.

#4: Ice Cream Maker

A soft-serve ice cream maker could be your new favorite dessert machine. Traditional ice cream makers simply require you to pour your ice cream mixture into the machine’s container and then press a button to mix and churn it for you. You’ll be able to create all kinds of recipes for this frozen treat.

A bonus, you could also purchase a waffle cone maker if you prefer ice cream cones instead. These two machines and many other ice cream-making gadgets are the perfect combinations for those warm summer days when you’re craving something cold and sweet. This definitely beats freezing juice to make popsicles!

#5: Snow Cone Machine

Another tasty summer treat that could be a better alternative to frozen juice popsicles is a snow cone. A snow cone machine— whether it’s a vintage snow cone cart or a smaller countertop version— will allow you to turn ice into a tasty summertime favorite. Of course, you can enjoy snow cones during the other three seasons.

#6: Whip Cream Charger

While whipped cream isn’t exactly a dessert on its own, it is used to top off various desserts. So what if you could make your own whipped cream and put it in a canister to use on your favorite desserts? Buying a whip cream charger will allow you to do this with canisters powered by nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide whip cream doesn’t oxidize as fast as a cream that doesn’t contain nitrous oxide— although most whipped creams do.

Other Dessert Gadgets

As mentioned earlier, you can make baked goods using your oven, but there are countertop appliances that allow you to make baked goods instantly. These include appliances such as:

  • Brownie bar makers
  • Cake pop makers
  • Churro makers
  • Mini cake/cupcake makers
  • Pie pop makers
  • S’mores makers

There are small countertop appliances that can make just about any dessert imaginable.

If you’re wanting to save money and make your favorite desserts at home, consider one or more of these dessert gadgets. This will be a great addition to your other kitchen appliances that you may already own, allowing you to make both dinner and dessert at home. Kitchen appliances like these allow you to not only save money but also allow you to make a healthier version of your favorite desserts.


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