How to Choose the Right Gear for BJJ Training? [Expert Explained]


You finally decided to train jiujitsu but you find yourself wondering what kind of 

high quality bjj gear you should get. Don’t fret! This article will help you choose the proper attire and safety equipment to get you started.


  • Jiujitsu Gi or Kimono

The most important gear that you have to prepare if ever you decide to train jiujitsu in a gi is the jiujitsu kimono or simply called a “gi” It is considered as the main uniform for gi training. The jiu jitsu gi has a special cut that differentiates it from other martial arts kimono such as judo, sambo, and karate. A normal jiu jitsu gi has a more sleek cut and sleeves that are not wide but not narrow as well. 

A beginner bjj gi can cost around $100 which is why it is considered a commitment once you decide to purchase your own gi. Some academies offer loaner gis if you are not decided to buy one yet.

Variation of cloth used for Jiu jitsu gi or kimono:

  • Single Weave Cotton
  • Pearl Weave
  • Gold Weave Cotton
  • Double Weave Cotton
  • Ripstop Fabrics



The sizing for jiu jitsu gi or kimono varies depending on the brand. There are different factors to consider when buying your first gi like shrinkage, color, cut, and material. Make sure to do your research with regard to your preferred brands. Some brands offer a cut that is particular for men, women, and children. It is also helpful to read reviews for you to be able to know the shrinkage of the gis’ material.

*Sample sizing

  • Jiujitsu Belt

jiu jitsu belt is an indication of a practitioner’s progress in jiujitsu. It helps the Professors or coaches identify the students’ capabilities through their belt color. 


  • WHITE BELT – Beginner level in the adult division

Optional Inner wear for gi training:

It is really up to you what you feel is most comfortable wearing underneath your gi. Inner wear that is commonly used in jiujitsu training is a BJJ rash guard and BJJ spats. 

It is inevitable to get bruised or scratched when training jiujitsu because of its full-contact nature, one way to lessen or eliminate unwanted skin abrasion is to wear a BJJ rash guard and BJJ spats underneath. 

Why wear a BJJ Rash guard and BJJ Spats?

Constant friction can lead to small cuts and abrasions making you vulnerable to harboring bacteria that can cause skin infections. Mat burns can also be avoided by wearing the right attire in your training sessions.


  • BJJ Rash guard

Serves as a second layer of protection for a jiu jitsu practitioner and is normally made of nylon, spandex, or polyester. A good BJJ rash guard should keep sweat at bay to help the practitioner feel comfortable and fresh even during intense training sessions. 

  • BJJ Grappling shorts

MMA shorts have side slits that are perfect for unconventional 

movements or ranges of motion. 

The material should be durable can withstand tugging and not restrict movements. 

  • BJJ Spats

BJJ Spats or leggings provide added protection for the legs. Compression pants or leggings are most commonly used in no gi training because of the comfort and protection it provides. It is normally made of Nylon and Lycra. Aside from the protection factor, it’s also very stylish to wear in the gym. 

BJJ Spats or compression pants are commonly used in no gi training. The material that is normally used is lycra or nylon. Its moist wicking material will absorb any moisture and help eliminate odor.


  • Mouthguard 

One of the most common injuries you can get from training is mouth sores. To avoid biting your own tongue and cheek it is advisable to wear a BJJ mouthguard. This help prevents accidents that can lead to painful injuries to the mouth.

  • Knee Support

BJJ training is composed of movements that can sometimes make your knees unstable especially if you are a beginner. A knee support that is made of neoprene material can give enough compression that will keep your knees stable, strong, and intact.

  • Athletic Tape

Constant gripping to the gi can cause wear and tear on your fingers making them swell and scar. Putting in support to your finger joints with an athletic tape will help maintain the shape of your fingers and delay “jiujitsu fingers”

Optional BJJ Protective Gears

  • Groin Cup
  • Ear guard
  • Head gear

*These additional BJJ protective gears can help during training with ongoing injuries.


Most jiu-jitsu practitioners who can’t seem to get enough training in the gym have these essential equipment set up at home. If you are planning to make your own home gym then check out our gym essentials below;

  • Jiu-jitsu Mats

The most essential BJJ Equipment you can set up in your house is the Jiu jitsu mats. Depending on your preference and budget, you can use different types of mats. 

  • Puzzle Mats / Tile Mats
  • Roll-out Mats
  • Panel Mats
  • Wall panels

      Things to remember when buying your mats:

  1. Get the exact area where you plan to put your mats
  2. Get at least an inch or thicker mats to avoid getting injured during rolls. 
  3. Read reviews about the durability of the mats. These mats don’t come cheap which is why it’s a must to check out different product reviews to avoid buying the wrong mat type for you.
  •  Jiujitsu Dummy

During the time when the pandemic hit almost jiu jitsu practitioners acquired a grappling dummy. It’s a piece of good equipment to practice your repetitions and drills on your own. 

  •   Foam Roller   

It is very important to address any soreness, muscle knots, and, tightness which is why it is beneficial for any jiujitsu enthusiast to take their mobility and self-releasing more seriously by using a foam roller every day.  

  •   Gym timer      

A reliable gym timer has settings that let you do endless rolls while keeping you updated on the minutes that passed. It resets automatically and makes sounds to signal when restarting a round. 


  • BJJ Bag

Different bags that are specially made for Jiu-jitsu training are available in the market these days. A typical jiujitsu practitioner brings a set of gi, change in clothes, and toiletries all in one bag which is why it is essential to get a bag that is convenient to bring, functional, and sturdy. 

  • Insulated Steel Water Bottle

Hydration is very important while training that is why it is very much needed to get a water bottle that is leakproof and insulated to keep your water cold and fresh all throughout your training session.


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