Why Most Often Choose Aluminum Composite Panels


To understand why aluminum composite panels in Sydney have become so popular today, you first need to understand what they are. Let’s have a look at the general information about panels. These composite panels are modern building materials for finishing facades. Each panel consists of several layers. The upper and lower layers must be made of high-strength aluminum, and a layer of polyethylene is placed between them. The material is very convenient to use due to its large number of advantages. 

The Fire Resistance

The fire resistance of the panels depends on the type. These aluminum composite panels in Sydney are used as the middle layer of aluminum composite panels designed for cladding ventilated facades of high-rise residential buildings and special-purpose buildings.


The panels retain their excellent appearance for a long time. If one item is accidentally damaged, it can be replaced without touching the main finish. Such a facade can last up to 50 years. Resistance to temperature fluctuations, as well as high and low temperatures makes it possible to use panels in regions with different climatic conditions. But do not forget that only high-quality panels will last a long time. Correct installation is also very important. If you are not confident in your abilities and experience find professional cladding installers from Sydney.

Ease Of Installation

Aluminum composite panels can have a complex shape, that is, if you need to go around a corner, or clad an oval object, they will perfectly cope with the task. It is possible to bend sheets at an angle up to 180 degrees. This flexibility and low weight greatly facilitate the installation process this material can be cut, sawn, bent, rolled and processed in many other ways.

Large Palette Of Colors 

Aluminum composite panels come in a variety of colors   from classic to extraordinary ones. The coating remains the same resistant and bright. In addition, the paints used are practically impervious to dirt. It is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation and does not crack. Externally, the aluminum composite always looks stylish and modern. Such alucobond in Australia have a presentable appearance. 

Noise Isolation

ACP have a low level of thermal insulation, but they have excellent sound insulation properties. If they are used for finishing the building, then the level of sound absorption will increase by almost two times.

Where The ACP Are Used?

Aluminum composite panels are indispensable in the manufacture of signboards, advertising structures, cladding of commercial and residential premises. They are also used for interior decoration, exhibition design. Good for building renovations. In construction, they are a key element in the construction of ventilated facade systems. Aluminum composite panel prices differ from one supplier to another. Glamour Decor offers to buy aluminum composite panels at great prices in Sydney. You can order material right now on the website. If you want to clarify the exact price of an aluminum composite or get more detailed information, you can get in touch with the manager to clarify all your doubts.


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