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The first thing that should bother every Australian casino player is the list of payment options available for deposits and withdrawals. Among the best methods that can be found on modern gambling sites is PayID. It is a relatively new system that can be found only in the most advanced online gambling platforms, such as Olympia.Casino, that has adopted this service to be used by all registered members. But considering that it is a relatively new payment method, many people may feel insecure about it, so it is important to provide more details on why PayID can dramatically improve the overall experience with online gambling.

PayID provides an opportunity to pay online without a need to put banking information at danger. It is simply not required for operations with this service. The user should copy a unique code from the PayID account and connect it to the bank. After doing so, it is going to be possible to make operations with a phone number or email address. This means there is no more need to provide BSB or personal bank account numbers to online casinos in order to make bets. This is also good for personal savings because in order to receive money from someone, it is possible to simply give them PayID.

What makes this service so good for Australian Olympia Casino fans is the fact that it is currently supported by more than 50 banks all over the country. Now deposits and withdrawals will no longer be a problem for millions of active players in Australia.

  • How To Use PayID For Deposits or Withdrawals?

As it was previously mentioned, PayID is popular enough to work with most financial institutions of Australia. Thanks to the well-structured security system, it is one of the best ways for any gambler to securely transfer money on the site and out of it. No need for BSB or a number of bank accounts. But not all players may understand how this method can be used, which is why it is essential to dedicate a minute and talk about such financial operations in detail.

  • Deposits

It is very easy to deposit with the help of PayID because the only thing that the player should do is to open the dedicated banking page of the Olympia Casino and login into a previously registered account of the payment system. The only major thing that should be done by the player, in this case, is to approve requested transactions in the app or via the redirection link. It takes less than a minute for funds to be sent to the online casino account.

  • Withdrawals

Withdrawals are a little bit more complicated in comparison to deposits because there are a couple of steps that every user will have to go through before the request for a payout will be sent. But still, it is much more secure than a regular bank account option because it will not disclose the recipient data. For this reason, many people classify PayID as a perfect withdrawal method. Here is everything that should be done to request a payout:

  1. The player should open the website of the casino that supports this method (like Olympia Casino) and login into the existing account.
  2. The PayID method should be selected from the list on the banking page of the site.
  3. A desired amount of money that should be withdrawn must be specified on the dedicated page of the site.
  4. The player must login in with a PayID account.
  5. Confirm the operation and wait for money.

It is not as hard as it may seem at first. Another thing worth mentioning – PayID works instantly, it is due to the terms and conditions of the Olympia Casino to decide how much time it may take for an operation to be completed. The pending time should be specified by the site.

  • What Players Need to Use PayID?

To make payments quicker, it is recommended to use the official mobile application of PayID company. It is available for free on both Android and iOS devices. It will take less time to approve each operation, and it is a very secure method of working with this system.


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