Personal Qualities To Look For in Your Wedding Date as a Bridesmaid


So you’re in the wedding party and looking forward to celebrating the couple-to-be. On top of all your bridesmaid duties, you’ve also been told to bring a plus one. Whether your date is your long-term boyfriend, husband, or just a friend, you should remember a few things when you arrive together.

Aside from being polite guests that are there to focus on the couple, you’ll want to look for other characteristics that could affect the big day. For example, you won’t want to bring someone who can’t commit to dates or is known for being late. There are a few other qualities to look for in your plus-one, as well as basic plus-one etiquette, in order to ensure everyone has a wonderful time.

Reliable and Follows Through on Commitments

One of the first qualities you should look for in a plus-one, is someone who is reliable and known for following through on commitments they make. If your date is someone who is consistently late and isn’t concerned about the time of others, do not bring them as your date to the wedding.

On the other hand, if the person you’re thinking of is someone who is known for being on-time or early, they would be a great person to bring as your plus one. Also, consider someone who actually follows through on plans. The last thing you want is to ask someone who will then tell you they can’t make it a few weeks before the wedding is set to happen.

Above all, choose someone you trust and who is reliable with plans. As long as they are early to the wedding and aren’t flaky, they will be a perfect addition to the guest list.

Courteous and Friendly

The biggest qualities you should look for in your plus one are whether or not they are courteous and friendly to others. You don’t want to bring someone who won’t follow basic wedding etiquette, such as turning off your phone before the ceremony starts.

You’ll also be introducing them to the bride and groom at some point, so you want to ensure they’re friendly and open to that, even if they’ve never met the couple before. Additionally, they should be able to have a good time and celebrate without being out of control and causing a scene.

Additionally, you’ll want to choose someone who is willing to coordinate their outfit with your bridesmaid dress. If you have the chance and opportunity for input, suggest more unisex-friendly colors like spring green bridemaid dresses – which are more eye-catching than the more conventional grey-toned shades that are popular for wedding parties. 

They Shouldn’t Show Up Empty Handed

Even though they will be coming as your plus one and may not even know the bride and groom very well, they should still show up with a gift. Of course, you should help them pick something out you think the bride and groom need or would enjoy.

Another option is to bring a gift together and say it’s from the two of you. If you go this route, make sure to introduce your plus one to the couple before the wedding. This way, they’ll know exactly who the gift is from, and there won’t be awkward conversations as they try to figure out who your plus one is during the big day.

Independent and Practice Moderation

These are two very big qualities to look for in a potential plus-one guest. While you’ll likely be attentive to them, you’ll also be busy with your bridesmaid duties and mingling with others. If you’re stuck with someone who is clingy, you’ll probably miss out on a lot of the festivities and will regret bringing them. 

Ideally, they will be okay with hanging out by themselves while you chat with others. They will also be able to moderate their drinking appropriately. While it can be tempting if there’s an open bar, your plus one shouldn’t be the drunkest person at the party, and you shouldn’t have to monitor them throughout the night and sacrifice having a good time.

Have Fun and Celebrate Together

It can be daunting to find the right person to bring as your plus one to a wedding, especially as a bridesmaid, but remember to also pick someone you have fun with and enjoy being around. As long as your plus one has a few basic qualities, they will be a wonderful wedding guest. Have fun celebrating the couple, and snag a few dances together!


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