8 Best Bumper Pull Horse Trailers In the USA


Horse trailers are of various types. Some are suitable for a smaller number of horses and some opt for a group. In this queue, a bumper pull horse trailer is one of a kind of horse trailer made for carrying up to 2-3 or up to 4 horses. Another name for a bumper pull horse trailer is tag along trailer. 

In bumper pull trailers, the frame of the towing vehicle is always used to attach to the hitch which is commonly used for hauling bumper pull horse trailers. There are many advantages of owning a bumper pull-horse trailer. 

First of all, it costs less than gooseneck trailers. Secondly, it is more convenient and safer to drive a tag along a trailer than other trailers specifically for beginners. The bumper pull horse trailers are light weighted, as a result of which, licensing is not required with these trailers. 

Now you are aware of the benefits of owning a bumper pull-horse trailer, it’s time to find out where to find one. Since buying a trailer is often a one-time investment for a longer time, it is necessary to find out if a trailer contains all the features required by you. In this article, we will present the 8 best bumper pull horse trailer brands in the USA. Let’s see what these places are.  


1. Double D Trailers Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

It is quite difficult to find both, an attractive design and safety in a single trailer. But what if we say that you can get both in one trailer along with the freedom to customize the trailer according to you? It is possible with Double D trailers which offer both slant load designs and straight load designs in bumper pull horse trailers. 

From installing rooms for carriage to adding square footage, double-d trailers remain ready to customize trailers on your orders. You just have to submit a customization request online. The team goes through it and prepares a price estimate report. 

After a thorough meeting with double d trailers, you will be provided with a CAD drawing as the blueprint of your dream trailer. Hence, the real construction starts leading to the final touches. Here is the list of exclusive features of double-d bumper pull horse trailers:

  • Slack tack design specifically for slant load models eliminating thin loading and unloading doorways. 
  • Availability of reverse load trailer models.
  • SafeBump and SafeKick protect your trailer walls from harsh weather conditions and other injuries.
  • Double d trailers adopt Z frame technology 16 gauge galvalume skin is used over 0.040 aluminum for the construction of a lightweight trailer. This is because the gauge is 5 times stronger than aluminum in this case. 
  • Runner flooring to protect the aluminum floors from wear and tear.
  • Tubular dividers for controlling airflow and 100% insulation from front to end.


2. Featherlite Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

The brand that makes the second position in our top 8 trailers list is Featherlite. Featherlite boasts of providing lightweight and convenient horse trailers easier to pull for beginners. The trailers can pull up to 4 horses. 

The customers are free to customize and add features such as dual-painted side sheets, feed bags, or LED load lights. The trailers are available in both slant load and straight load configurations. 

Featherlite has a total of 7 models of bumper pull horse trailers in its store with distinguished features. The best among them is model 7441 and model 7442. Featherlite also has a wide range of floor plans. Here is the list of features included in Featherlite horse trailers:

  • Pierce and Roll Roof System for delivering high strength, eliminating holes, and ensuring no water leakages.
  • All aluminum construction to prevent trailers from corrosion and rusting. Moreover, it also makes trailers lightweight and hence, increases the payload capacity.
  • Aerodynamics to easily pull and decrease wind drag.
  • Adjustable saddle racks and easy-to-pull aluminum wheels.
  • E-Z tube axles, dressing room turf, horse dividers, light flow feed doors, LED lights, PerfectFit system, padded stall dividers, rubber floor mats, roof vents, running boards, tie rings, slam latch dividers, wiring harness, and wave side panels. 

3. Sundowner Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

Another exclusive brand on our list is sundowner bumper pull. The Sundowners trailers provide3-year hitch to bumper warranty along with 8 years structural warranty. 

The trailers have huge sliding windows for horses, side access doors located in each state,l and dividers in between each stall. The Sundowner trailers are pretty spacious to divide into several racks. The list of features of Sundowner trailers includes:

  • Rubber flooring to ensure fewer injuries.
  • Tack room, saddle racks, brush trays, blanket bars, breast bars, shoulder divide,r and butt bars.
  • All aluminum construction.
  • LED tail and clearance lights, rump walls,s and feed windows. 


4. 4 Star Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

If you are a bit choosy kind of person, then 4 Star Bumper Pull Horse Trailers is for you because it presents a total of 40 different trailers designs to select from. 

Besides its customizability, 4 Star can tow up to 4 horses together. It also lets you choose between 4 colors and 6 different graphics to design your horse trailer. Here is the list of features of 4 Star Bumper Pull horse trailers:

  • Entry-level lightweight all aluminum trailers.
  • Electric brakes, torsion axles, double rear doors, ply radial trailer tires.
  • One escape door, two feed managers, 100% insulation, drop-down windows, permanent bulkhead wall, outside and inside trailer per tie horse, pad type jack,s and rubber dock bumper.
  • Available at affordable prices.


5. Hart Bumper Pull HorseTrailers


Hart trailers have 5 decades of experience in building bumper pull horse trailers. Its solution models have 2 popular kinds of bumper pull trailers named S2HB and S3HB. The list of features of Hart bumper pull horse trailers include:


  •  6’8″ wide x 7’1″ tall heavy-duty kick wall mat, 60/40 rear load gate, LED load lights, roof vents, dividers with padding, and rubber mat flooring.
  • Insulated roof, bridle hooks, 2-tier removable saddle racks, 2 blanket bars above saddle racks, 3′ carpeted dressing room/tack room, drop-down windows on the rear side, and drop-down windows on the head side with face guards.
  •  2 – 7000lb Axles and 5 – 16″ aluminum wheels.


6. Logan Coach Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

Logan Coach Bumper pull horse trailers have both straight load and slant load trailers to offer. Instraight-loadd horse trailers, Logan Coach has two models to offer named bullseye BP and riot straight bumper pulls. There are also two models of slant load trailers named bullseye and riot. The list of features of Logan Coach Bumper pull trailers include:

  • E-Z key system, rubber bumper, galvanized structural tubing In walls and floor (no black steel), One-Piece aluminum skin roof with aluminum cove and roof bows.
  • Vortex rubber coating under on bumper pull tongue, a  legend of edge graphics along with solid color edge sheets.
  • 2 years hitch to bumper warranty and 8 years of structural warranty. 
  • 3M VHB bonding system along with aluminum 0.50 side sheets.
  • Treadbrite gravel guard, self-adjusting brakes with dexter torsion axles, center cap with steel wheels, radial spare tires with Goodyear radial tires.
  • Tail lights and sealed beam marker, three porch lights,s and dome lights.
  • Twelve bridle hooks, door organizer, 35-gallon corner water tank, blanket bar,s and detachable carpets on the floor.


7. Trails West Adventure Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

Trails West Adventure Bumper Pull Horse Trailers are known for their standard features at an affordable cost. The trailer is 6’9″  wide and 7’0″ tall weighing 2600#. It has a popular convenience package that contains an additional door-mounted tack organizer, water tank, spare tires, swing-out saddle racks, load lights by the rear gate, and a sports bag. The list of features of Trails West Adventure includes:


  • Carpeted floor, camper vent, clothes rod, blanket rod, 16 bridle hooks, two or three-place saddle racks, tack door brush tray, dome light,t, and 32-inch inset tack door. 
  • Gravel guard, radial tires, torsion axles, 1 piece aluminum roof, 4 wheel electric brakes, and electro galvanized sheet steel.
  • Acidic phosphating wash, epoxy primer, double air gaps, and one-piece rare gate.


8. Cimarron Norstar Bumper Pull Horse Trailers


Cimarron Norstar offers bumper pull horse trailers having up to5 horses carrying capacity. You get ever-ready equipped models of bumper pull keeping the width 6 ’10”, length 21′, and height 7′-1″. It offers a total of 6 color models of bumper pull. The list of features of Cimarron Norstar Includes:


  • 8′ long nose with 2′ taper, single speed jack, white smooth sheets with full-length side slats.Nitrogen-filled tires, 4″ rubber docking bumper hardware, and a boot box.
  • Stop signals at rear/ LED high and low turn, flood light on curbside, 7-way plug and wiring, recessed exterior light switches.


Wrapping up


Hence this was all about the top 8 bumper pull horse trailers in the USA. All the above-mentioned brands are experienced in furnishing bumper pull trailers forward several years. Since you are now aware of all the top brands, don’t wait anymore. Go and buy anyone according to your needs, budget,t, and preferences. 



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