Making your dream house safe for your elderly loved ones


Are your elderly parents living with you? Countless home modifications must be considered to keep your older loved ones protected and safe in your dream home. It’s been a dream of your elderly loved ones enjoying post-retirement from the home’s comfort! But aging offers mental and physical changes, making living with your children and grandchildren challenging. 

By the time you see your elderly parents are going through some inconvenience, there has already been a major mental & physical plummet. Hence, instead of waiting for a mishap to ensue, take some time to ensure your dearest elderly parents feel safe in your home. Here are the best 5 ways to do that!

1. Install railing and handrails across the home

You can build a strong shield throughout the home by installing railings and handrails so they can stroll through the house freely. It would minimize the possibility of falls instead of boosting your home’s aesthetics. 

Consider installing railings on different sections of your home so they can use them whenever they need assistance. But if any emergency appears out of the blue, and you need medical help, consider calling Senior care in Crystal River

2. Declutter the hallways

Daily items can beget trouble if your elderly parents trip on them while walking to the kitchen or bathroom at night. Therefore, it’s essential to declutter the piles, but at the same time, they might be attached to the stuff. Also, it’s recommended to take outside help for decluttering the hallways. 

3. Install motion sensor lighting in windows and doors

The motion sensors are ready to acknowledge a wide array of events as they keep watching everyone’s activity. For example, these gadgets can watch out for intrusion upon installation in front of the windows or doors and living room. Hence, it will improve the safety of older people, and you don’t have to worry much about them. 

4. Improve accessibility to the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most perilous rooms in a property as the slippery floors might cause serious mishaps for your elderly parents. In order to boost the accessibility to the bathroom, you should consider if there is a sturdy grab bar installed, which is conducive for them to get up & down quickly from the toilet. 

t’s also essential to understand if they can access the shower without surpassing the high side of a bathtub. Hence, you can make their bathrooms highly accessible by installing a grab bar and other safety items. 

5. To prevent trip risks, attach rugs to the floor

Wall hangings or rugs will help bypass trips and bruises at home. You can take care of your elderly parent’s needs by using mats in the entryway that absorb moisture and have beveled edges. Lastly, be sure to have anti-slippery backing material. 

These are the 5 proven ways to make your dream home safe and shielded for your elderly loved ones. You can do all the modifications if you think you’re confident enough to make your home senior-citizen-worthy! 


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