Home Painting 101: When To DIY vs. Hire A Pro?


Home painting is a project that can be done through DIY or by hiring professional painters. However, while it seems easy and is an excellent DIY project, one requires basic knowledge of how to proceed. Failure to which you might make a mess that might be costly to mend.

If you’re looking forward to updating your home painting, it’s advisable to gauge your capability to do an excellent job. If you think you can handle the project after the assessment, go on and begin the repainting. However, don’t hesitate to hire professionals if you have doubts about doing a good job. Remember, there are repainting projects that are better left to professionals.

That said, continue reading to understand when you should DIY or hire professionals for your home painting.

When To Hire Professional Painters

While you can repaint your home by yourself, hiring professionals is incomparable. Professionals like those from Elite Painting are trained and experienced to do quality work when painting your exterior, interior, and cabinet painting without leaving room for correction. With that in mind, you might want to take advantage of professional painters if:

1.Your Walls Are In A Bad Condition

One has no choice in this kind of situation. If it can’t be fixed with a bit of touch, hire professionals. If you aren’t experienced in paintwork, you might not be able to deal with holes in your drywall; hence you need personnel who can restore your wall’s glory.

2.Your Ceiling Is High

Painting your home can overcrowd your judgment when it comes to safety. However, this shouldn’t be the case, especially if you’re looking forward to painting high ceilings. As a rule of thumb, you should only do it if you can access the surface while on a step ladder. Avoid risking your health or life in the name of repainting your home.

Instead, hire professionals experienced in using tall ladders without risking their well-being. These professionals can efficiently work on exceptional heights since they’re trained and have the right tools to help them to handle projects from different heights.

3.You Need A Specialty Finish

If you aren’t experienced in using specialty paints, leave the project to the pros. Specialty finishes are excellent in highlighting imperfections, a mistake you wouldn’t want to happen. Fortunately, a professional painter will successfully use the necessary equipment to apply the specialty finish for a unique interior look.

4.You Need To Get Rid Of Old Paint

If you live in an old home, chances are it’s painted using lead-based paints. Such paints can cause severe health issues such as lead poisoning, hence the need for highly trained personnel when dealing with such paints.

It’s important to note that stripping old paint plays a huge role in the appearance of the new paint. The old paint should be stripped professionally to ensure it’s wholly stripped, lest you deal with an ugly aftermath.

When To Do It Yourself

As earlier stated, home painting is an excellent DIY project. However, since home painting projects are diverse, not all painting activities can be done through DIY. Nevertheless, you can handle home painting if:

1.You’re Experienced

The fact that you aren’t a registered painter or you aren’t practicing painting day in and day out doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be experienced. If you have what it takes to repaint your ceiling and have the right tools, nothing will prevent you from taking on the task. However, you should understand that your well-being is paramount; hence you should be careful whenever handling home improvement projects.

2.You’re Dealing With Minor Patches

It’s common for furniture to scratch your wall and leave minor scratches. If you need to repaint them, hiring highly-skilled professionals might not be necessary. All you need are some tools, such as sandpaper and a painting brush, and you’re ready to start the project. If you don’t have enough experience to handle such a task successfully, take advantage of some online tutorial videos.

3.Your Walls Are In Good Condition

Suppose you’re just looking forward to changing your wall colour. In that case, you can handle the project, provided there are no dents. Painting a wall in good condition might not be challenging as when handling a destroyed one.


Home painting is straightforward yet challenging. Unlike what many homeowners think, it’s more than relocating the furniture and applying paint. It requires skill and experience, especially since there might be a need to use ladders and other tools that can pose a threat to a person’s well-being.

Therefore, hiring professionals is advisable if you aren’t experienced or doubt you can do a good job repainting your home. However, if you’re dealing with minor projects or are experienced, it is not a bad idea to handle the project yourself.


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