Guide to choosing the right material for outdoor furniture


If you are interested in buying outdoor furniture, you will probably keep many characteristics in mind that you do when buying indoor furniture items. This will include getting pieces that are durable, comfortable, stylish, etc. A main difference when looking for patio furniture however is to choose pieces that can endure the exposure to the weather conditions outside. There is virtually no furniture item that is 100% weatherproof. There are differences present in the materials used to make the furniture. 

Before choosing any item, you need to know about the material it is made from and its strengths and weaknesses. Figure out if the piece will be able to handle the environment you are in. The following tells you of some materials that outdoor furniture can be made from and details about the material:


Wood tends to be a popular raw material to make furniture from. The material has a natural beauty, is easy to work with and gives a strong framework for tables, chairs, etc. But, not all woods are made equal when considering outdoor usage. 

Some softwoods, like pressure-treated pine, cedar plus fir are inexpensive and mostly employed for indoor furnishings. They are however not able to handle the elements outside and need continuous protection when you are not using them. 

Hardwoods are much heartier, can handle weather damage and remain for much time when you treat them properly. But, they are usually tougher to shape and are often more costly than the softwoods. There are even some differences present between hardwoods. This is why when you are looking for black outdoor furniture you should make sure you know what material it is made from. 


Teak is said to be a popular wood option when it comes to outdoor furniture. The high demand for it and its limited availability has made the price of it to be really high. Teak has many features that makes it perfect for outdoor employment. 

It is really strong and does not warp, crack and become brittle such as many kinds of wood. The reason is that teak can repel most water and will not expand and contract in the drying procedure. The material possesses a high natural oil content allowing it to be highly resistant to harm from rot, decay plus insects. The durability it has against the elements allows teak to last for many years. 


Metal is a strong and durable material to use for outdoor furniture. Due it its strength, metallic frames may be thinner and can get shaped into some complex designs. Manufacturers therefore have more style flexibility with it. 

Metal is even a good option when utilized in combination with other materials which have their own functional along with aesthetic advantages. However metal heats up when in the sun allowing it to be uncomfortable to touch. There are some metals which are really heavy and tough to move. Metals are even vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Every type of metal has its own characteristics and you should choose the right one for your environment. 

Apart from this there are many other materials that outdoor furniture can be made from. When looking for anything like vidaxl outdoor tables for instance, make sure that you research on the material that the piece is made from so that you know if it can remain durable in the area that you are in.


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