The Benefits of Swingsets: Why They’re More Than Just Fun


Swings are one of the oldest forms of play equipment, with the earliest recorded history of swings going as far back as Ancient Greece. In the 1800’s their design was more standardised and made with safety in mind, and children of all ages have been having safe, wholesome fun on them ever since. 

What you may not know is that playground swings are a lot more than an aesthetically pleasing piece of play equipment that we enjoy using for fun. They actually have a huge heap of benefits that make them an essential piece of playground equipment. Let’s take a closer look;

“You can fly, you can fly, you can fly!” – Peter Pan

Swinging Encourages Time In Nature

Any outdoor space is inviting for kids who will make their own games, but a piece of bright, high-quality play equipment like a swing will actively encourage them to get outdoors and away from their screens. Time in nature is highly beneficial for children just as it is adults, and helps them to feel better in lots of different ways. 

Swing into Imaginative Play 

Imaginative play is encouraged with props and equipment that inspire all kinds of creative thinking in kids. Swings are a boat on choppy seas, a hoverboard in the future, a safe zone when everything else is lava – the possibilities are endless. Imaginative play is known to reduce anxiety, help children to explore their emotions safely, improve empathy, aid in concentration and focus, and it can even improve awareness of academic concepts. 

Special Movement Skills & Development

Swinging is unique in the way that it requires a very specific set of movements and use of different muscles to work, including the back, neck, leg and core muscles. Children have to engage their muscles and practise making the swing go back and forth, they experience gravity, and become aware of their body moving through space. Their sensory system is engaged and they develop gross and fine motor skills all with this one piece of outdoor play equipment. (  

Swinging Provides Vestibular Stimulation

Swinging provides vestibular stimulation, which helps improve balance and equilibrium. Swings help children to neutralise inner ear disruptions caused by their vestibular system, which can be very relaxing and soothing, and is the reason some special needs centres and schools will have indoor swings for the children in their care. 

Swings & Social Skills

Swings can be great ways to encourage children to be more social, learning how to take turns on the swings with other children, and engage in collaborative imaginative play. Children also often compete over who can swing highest, or who can jump off the swings the furthest (under supervision and safety guidance). 

Swings Are Accessible

Swings are suitable for younger children, who can enjoy a cradle seat and bonding time with their caregiver as they gently move back and forth in the playground. Older children can enjoy flat seat swings that are part of a swingset, or part of a larger climbing tower. Kids can also enjoy playing together in smaller groups on basket swings (manufacturers guidelines permitting). Additionally, children with additional needs can benefit from a DDA seat swing. 

Why Not Speak To A Professional Swing Set Supplier Today? 

If you would love a swingset in your back garden or your school playground, why not speak to a professional playground equipment company today? They can talk you through freestanding and installed swings, DDA, flat seat, basket and cradle swings, and additional playground equipment you may want to consider as part of a broader package. 

With a high-quality swing set your outdoor play space will bring all the benefits above and more to the kids in your care, for endless fun outside in the fresh air, day after day. 


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