Ten things to have a look at while designing a fashion logo


The design of the logo can distinguish the business and serves the sole purpose of attraction and recognition. Hence, if you belong to the design industry, you might know the importance of a good logo very well. An appropriate logo can grab the viewer’s attention in no time and communicate the company’s views and mott. For instance, take Starbucks as an example; the logo of Starbucks resembles a social status and consists of soothing colors with elegant and unique design, which is appreciated by all.

So if you wish to design amazing logos, then here are ten points you should consider:

Understand the product that the business is focused on

The first thing you should consider before creating a logo should be clarity about the product the business is trying to sell. Correct knowledge about all this would aid you in projecting the best picture of the business in the logo. Therefore, consume information related to the products of the business.

Avoid depending on trends.

Fashion trends keep on changing every day at a high frequency, so this is something that you should not rely on every time. This means you should not always try to copy the trends of famous businesses and try to make your design style.

Of course, there is no issue being updated by the latest trends and styles of logos that are popular in the market. It will make sure that you get better at your design skills.

Choose soothing colors and stick to the color palette.

As there is a wide variety of options available to choose from when it comes to color picking in designing a logo, we recommend sticking to the theme of the business.

If the company doesn’t have a color palette theme, do thorough research and ensure that you don’t want just haywire to choose all colors rather than focus on two or three colors.

Be aware of the scalability of the brand.

Be aware of the scalability of the business when designing a logo, as this will give you a better idea of the aspects of the industry in which the company is trying to upscale its growth. Then this would result in prompting you to make the best design possible. 

When designing a logo, it is better to have a brand vision.

Spice up your creativity 

Whether it is a logo or a thumbnail, all it requires to make it a perfect one is creativity involved at the time of design. Be creative. Don’t just copy-paste the creation of other logo makers. Have your critical thinking about designing.

Prefer simplicity over intricacy

You must have come across logo designs that are too sophisticated and hard to design yet are of no worth; simplicity is the best ingredient to make an attractive logo. Simplicity will ensure that the business’s motto is conveyed smoothly without any problems.

The logo design format should be diverse yet clear.

Having a unique idea about your logo can help you figure out the best format in which it will have the most attractive appearance. The logo format should be diverse in order to appeal to a wide range of audiences. It is best to look at multiple types of logo formats and select a blend of the most suitable ones to create the one that fits the purpose. For example, designing a fashion logo if your work is related to the fashion industry or anything related to creativity.

It would be best to derive your inspiration from the business’s motto. 

The logo is generally made for the representation of any business, so sticking to the general use of the logo will be the best way to lay the foundation of a company’s branding by putting forward the motto of the business. This implies that you should always try to take your inspiration for the logo design from the message that the company is trying to promote

Learn from other designers’ mistakes

The best way to improve your design skills is to learn and learn from other designers’ creations and draw the most attention to the ideology they follow to make their designs look more authentic and appear as a premium logo. 

This will help you to save time and articulate all your efforts towards the overall development of the logo.

Here are some of the common mistakes designers make while designing.


These are some crucial things that every designer should be aware of while designing a logo or any design. Also, remember that the logo is one of the essential aspects when it comes to the branding of your company. A good logo makes the company image look attractive and impressive in the eyes of the customers, which results in successful leads and sales for the business.


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