How to work with a dark background for a presentation?


Many people want to start making presentations on their own, but they don’t know where to start. The selection of the design also causes a lot of doubts, because they don’t know how to do better. Everyone wants their presentation to be unique, which is why dark slides themes are becoming popular. The option with black, dark brown, and gray slides is popular. It is proven by practice that such a background in combination with the right fonts is well perceived by the audience. 

Why is it better to pick up a ready-made template?

If you are in a hurry or want to spend time on something more useful than creating a design yourself, use ready-made templates. Their advantages are:

  • Professionals work on the creation of templates.
  • There is an opportunity to choose, as presented a large number of templates of different types.
  • No need to spend money, as there are free options that can easily be downloaded.
  • Significant time savings.

Instead of laboring for hours on your own to create a design, you can spend time preparing information on your topic. Especially if you are a beginner, it will be much harder to find programs to use to create a presentation from scratch and to understand its functions.

If you used a ready-made template and want to complement your dark design, then the most common option is PowerPoint. This program is familiar to most people and features a simple interface that is easy to understand. You can use it to edit your presentation, insert text, and add your tricks. If you choose a dark background, make sure that all the elements match in color. The beautiful aesthetic appearance of the presentation is an important factor for the audience.

What programs to work with if you already have experience in presentation design?

If you want to advance and improve your presentation design skills, you can use more sophisticated programs. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are designed for professional designers, but you can also try editing your finished template with the tools of this program. Most of the people working here are technically savvy because the process is not the easiest. 

The advantage is that here you can implement even more ideas, but to get to grips with all the functionality you need to spend a lot of time. There are a lot of interesting tools and features, but the interface is not as clear to the average user as in PowerPoint.

How do I complete a ready-made template with PowerPoint?

Once you have chosen a template on the site, you need to download it. Then transfer it to the program and start filling it in. All text can be presented as samples, so it requires replacement with information on the topic. If you are not yet familiar with PowerPoint, try different functions to master them, because this program will definitely come in handy in the future. Once you have finished editing, don’t forget to save your finished presentation.


There are several ways to edit ready-made templates. If you want to save as much time as possible and get quality slides, use standard PowerPoint. Don’t forget that you should work with dark slides carefully. They can be combined with different themes and used even in serious speeches. Black backgrounds are often used in product presentations to highlight the personal style and be remembered by the audience. 

Do not doubt that the black theme will be a good solution. It is not so often used, but it will look very stylish if you combine it with the right colors, textures, images, and fonts.  The main thing is not to go overboard with additional elements. It is better to give preference to minimalism. It is more effective for the perception of the audience because it is not necessary to rearrange the entire report in the text of the presentation.


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