6 Smart Emtone Benefits You Should Know


Sometimes gym work and diet efforts are not enough to make your body perfect. A little help becomes necessary where Emtone comes in. The MELORA Health & Enhancement specialists offer the noninvasive appointment to overcome cellulite almost everywhere in your body. The treatment employs mechanical massage and thermal energy to help you skip surgery. It can help you eliminate stubborn fats in different body parts without surgery to deliver a perfect body physique. The treatment comes with awesome benefits, as outlined below.

A Nonsurgical Solution

Most people who want to achieve their desired body physique are anxious and worried about undergoing surgery.  Fortunately, you do not need to worry about that anymore. Emtone helps you eliminate fat and cellulite without having to undergo a knife. It can deliver results better than liposuction only without surgery. Your doctor can focus controlled radiofrequency energy on your skin to minimize the underlying cellulite. Noninvasive treatment becomes a great choice for anyone afraid of needles and anesthesia.

Good for All Skin Types

Many people find skin type discrimination discouraging with most cosmetic treatments. However, Emtone makes a difference by working perfectly for all skin types. Your skin does not become discolored or with dark scars after the treatment. The only thing you can experience is mild redness that soon fades away. You must make a consultation appointment with your doctor to understand your skin type. Together, you design a treatment plan based on your unique needs. The number of treatments you receive depends on your cellulite severity.

Fast Treatment

A quick treatment in this era is a great option with busy daily schedules. One Emtone appointment can take about 20-30 minutes, and you can be allowed to return to your activities. Therefore, you might not need to take extensive time off from your work or school. Also, the treatment requires minimal preparations, and you will not have to apply special lotions or put much effort into the preparations. Also, the treatment pairs well with other treatments like CoolSculpting.

No Recovery Time

Emtone being less invasive means there are fewer chances of complications. Many people can return to their normal activities after the treatment. Other treatments involving incisions increase the chances of infections, bruising, numbness, and swelling, which can increase your recovery period. Also, you will have to stick to a certain recovery plan. Also, you might be prescribed pain medications or antibiotics for the recovery period after surgical interventions.

It is Not Affected by Your Weight

Emtone is one of the unique cellulite treatments that do not consider your weight. Some treatments require you to achieve your ideal weight first before employing them. However, Emtone is suitable for all body types. You might gain from the treatment whether you have lost significant weight or are just beginning your weight loss journey. However, it does not complement weight loss.

Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem

Improved physical appearance leaves you feeling great about yourself. The benefits associated with weight loss cannot be underestimated. It makes you feel healthy with less physical strain. The treatment also adds the final touches to weight loss eliminating any stubborn cellulite. The results are improved confidence and self-esteem.

You better try Emtone and enjoy these benefits and more. Learn more about the treatment by contacting the medical spa in Downington, PA. Consult the Emtone specialists through a consultation appointment online or via call.


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