When to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When to Hire a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Accidents do happen and sometimes they happen at work. Not every accident requires you to hire a lawyer to represent your interests, but there are some situations when you should consult with an experienced compensation lawyer.

Injuries while working on the job are more common than you know. Some estimates show about 4.9 million workers’ compensation claims are filed each year. Construction workers are among the most vulnerable to workplace injuries. If you become one of the millions injured each year while at work, you may need a lawyer, depending on the severity of the injury at work, the complexity of the case and how your employer or its insurance company responds to your injury.

These Green Bay workers’ comp lawyers can help you handle your case in a number of ways. Some ways they can assist include:

  • Ensuring that all the necessary paperwork and forms are filed by their deadlines.
  • Gathering evidence that is needed to support your claim.
  • Negotiating your interests with the insurance company.
  • Drafting a settlement agreement that avoids unintended consequences.
  • Representing you during any required hearings or trials to advance your case.

Consider these specific situations that demand a lawyer’s consultation in your workers’ compensation case.

An Employer Denies a Claim or Fails to Pay Benefits

It is not unusual for employers and workers’ comp insurance companies who represent them to deny legitimate claims made by injured workers. This is sometimes because they expect workers not to appeal the decision. In some cases, workers do not understand their rights and they will not appeal. A reputable workers’ comp lawyer will not charge a worker any upfront costs, so it is free to seek their guidance and representation if your claim is denied.

An Employer’s Settlement Offer Doesn’t Cover Bills or Lost Wages

You may receive a quick settlement offer from an employer to resolve your workers’ compensation claim, but many times it is not enough to cover your medical expenses or the wages you may have lost while recovering. You do not have to accept the offer. You also have a right to ensure that your bills and wages are covered, not to mention any other compensation you may be entitled to in the case. A workers’ compensation lawyer can ensure you get the best possible settlement, including consideration for any future expenses or lost wages you may incur.

Injuries Prevent You From Performing Work Duties

In some accidents on the job, workers are permanently disabled. This means you may no longer be able to work in that job, earn money in the future, and advance in your career. An experienced workers’ comp lawyer can ensure that you receive any payments you are entitled to, including potential weekly or lump-sum payments for lost wages. Your lawyer also can help you determine how your injuries impact your future earning power, which can help determine a settlement that covers future lost wages and potential earnings.

You Qualify for Social Security Disability

You can receive Social Security disability benefits in some job injury cases, but your workers’ compensation benefits can suffer it a settlement is not structured properly. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can ensure that your settlement agreement is drafted appropriately to make sure this is not a problem.

Your Employer Retaliates Against You

If your employer retaliates against you after you file your workers’ comp claim, a lawyer can protect your rights. Your employer cannot fire you, demote you, reduce your work hours, decrease your payment or take any action against you for filing a claim.


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