Tami Roman Weight Loss

Tami Roman Weight Loss


The looks matter, and anybody who says otherwise is simply lying. Tami Roman weight loss has been a sensation on the internet. In the past couple of years, we have witnessed some huge changes in the appearances of the different stars. Some of them have gained a lot of weight, and others have lost a lot of weight.

We are living at the extremities in modern times. Now you might be wondering about the reason behind it. So let us tell you that in the past couple of years, with COVID raging in the world, people have been confined to their houses. Thus they put on a lot of weight.

This was an excellent opportunity for others  Especially if we talk about female celebrities and celebrity wives, then they are the ones tagged the most by the public. In this article, you will learn all about Tami Roman weight loss.

Tami Roman weight loss

The people know Tami Roman as the star from The Basketball Wives. But this is not the reason why she is getting famous nowadays. The details help us understand that her recent weight loss has become a heated topic on the internet, and people want to learn more and more about it.

Tami Roman weight loss

A look into the past

If we look into the past, we will know that Tami Roman has always shared the details regarding her body weight with the public. Also, she has mentioned the struggles she has faced regarding weight loss.

The liposuction procedure

The liposuction procedure is one of the most important events you must not skip in this weight gain and loss practice in the past few years. The Basketball Wives star went through this procedure in 2011. One of the most astonishing details that will surely surprise you is that this process was conducted on camera. As a result, there was a huge change in her body weight, but later she regained her body weight.

Diabetes increased weight, and smoking cessation

If we go through the timeline, we will learn that regaining weight after the liposuction procedure is associated with the time when she was diagnosed with diabetes. This was the time when she was asked for smoking cessation. But eventually, her weight kept on rising and touched the mark of 185 pounds.

Diabetes increased weight, and smoking cessation

Resolutions, weight loss, and procedures

There are sometimes in your life when you have to make some new resolutions. Similarly, this was the time for Tami Roman to make some new pledges. Once her weight mark hit 185 pounds, she decided to lose some weight. Now you might wonder about the procedures she adopted to reduce body weight. Thus if we go through the available information, we will learn that she utilized a pill named NV clinical. Also, she went for dietary changes.

The progress report

Now, we will be surprised if we look at the progress report because she did not make any huge life changes. Still, she managed to get a huge score. Below we have mentioned a statement from Tami Roman:

“I lost seven pounds in the first week of taking NV without making any major changes to my life.”

The astonishing results and brand promotion

If we look at the results, they are quite astonishing. By using the product and the dietary changes, she was able to lose almost 30 pounds. This was a huge accomplishment. This is why you will witness her promoting the product in multiple ads. Now she has become the face of the company.

The precautions

There is also a word of caution that you must adhere to. Weight loss is not just a normal thing that you can go for. In fact, it is advised that you take a medical specialist in the loop to track the biological changes in the body. Also, this will help you ensure whether there are any negative impacts on your health.

The response of the public

Although we have witnessed the response of the star several times. It is time that we also look at the public’s response to the weight loss of the reality tv show star. If we look at the details, we will learn that many have thought of her as “too skinny”. There is also another group that is openly supporting her physical changes.

The negative response

Below we have mentioned a few comments from the fans posted on the internet that will surely help you understand how the public perceives the physical change of the reality tv show star.

  • “Beautiful, but [you’re] a [little] too skinny… making [you] look a lot older than [you] are,” one fan said.
  • “Too skinny, face sunken in,” is another comment posted by a fan on a race picture.

The positive response

Since we have taken a look at the native comments shared by the public. We should also pay some attention to the fans’ feedback with positive vibes. So we have mentioned one below:

“Tami, do you! This outfit looks very good on you, and many of us must take our health seriously. You have motivated me to do the same as 48 is loading for me, I am choosing my health and better healthy eating decisions. Thanks, and again, you look great!”

Addressing the criticism

The criticism is the only thing that forces the stars to share their side of the story too. Thus if we go through the details, then we will learn that Tami Roman addressed the criticism by keeping her diabetic condition in perspective.

“I Detox, suppress my appetite, and make better food choices. So enjoy yourself laughing, leaving negative comments & calling me a “crackhead,” …but I have two beautiful daughters, and I’m gone’ live for them by ANY means necessary”.

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Tami Roman weight loss is one of the trending topics. The feedback, including positive and negative comments, are being shared. Also, the star’s response to this criticism makes this a trending topic. We hope we will get more details in this regard with accurate facts and figures.


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