7 Ways to Make Your Home Exteriors Appealing For Guests


When it comes to having people over, many of us worry that our homes don’t look as nice as we want. We might be embarrassed by the tired carpet, dated decor or worn-out furniture. But did you know that your home exterior can significantly impact how people see your house? A well-kept exterior can help create an inviting atmosphere for guests while neglecting it could ruin your chances of impressing everyone who stops by. 

If you want to improve the first impression visitors get when they see your home from the outside or drive up, here are seven steps to ensure your exteriors look good.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Lighting your home can make it stand out in the evening, adding a touch of elegance and making your yard look more attractive. You can also use lighting to accentuate architectural features and create a romantic atmosphere.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

The garage door is a big part of your house’s exterior, so it makes sense that you’d want to make it appealing. Garage doors can be made from various materials, including wood and steel; however, if you prefer something more modern or classic-looking, consider choosing one made with glass panels. These will give added space when open, which is always nice for your guests to see when walking up to your house.

Buy Stylish Outdoor Furniture

Buying stylish outdoor furniture is a great way to add appeal to your home’s exterior. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the furniture you buy is durable and weatherproof. The last thing you want is guests sitting in uncomfortable chairs or lounging on rickety tables and chairs after they’ve been out in the rain or snow all day.

Install a Water Feature

Dripping fountains and bubbling water features can be a great addition to your backyard. A small pond can fit nicely in a corner, while larger ponds require more space. Whatever size you choose, you must ensure the pond is adequately drained and cleaned regularly.

Decorate with Plants

The first thing you need to consider when choosing plants is what type of climate you live in. Plants native to your area will do better than exotic imports that require more maintenance, so consider what kind of plants would grow well in your region. Also, choose plants with a low-maintenance profile and ones that will thrive if you’re not home often because maybe you’re traveling for work or taking care of business elsewhere.

Custom Fire Pits

Custom fire pits are a great way to add warmth and ambiance to your outdoor space. These pits can be made from stone, concrete, or metal and come in various shapes and designs. A custom-made fire pit can be used as a cooking surface or heat source for those cool nights during the summer months when you want to dine on your patio or deck.

Add a Patio or Deck.

A roofed structure built in a backyard, patio, or deck is an attractive addition to your home and can be used for entertaining guests and relaxing day and night. Patios are generally located adjacent to the kitchen or outdoor fireplace, while decks are often built on a second house story. Materials include wood, stone, or composite materials such as plastic lumber.


There are many ways to make your home more appealing, but the best way is to do it yourself. It’s easier than you think and can save you money in the long run. Remember to go with your gut when choosing colors, materials, and styles! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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