Travis Scott Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott Kylie Jenner


If we say that Travis Scott Kylie Jenner relationship has been trending on the internet, then it would not be wrong at all. The fans always like to discuss the love life of their favorite stars. Especially if those stars are from the entertainment industry, you will find the debates more heated. If you want to learn about these ongoing debates, you should always stay in the loop.

You can never get the desired results if you do not keep yourself updated with the information. Especially if we talk about the life of celebrities, then it is of the utmost importance that you are well aware of the proceedings of every single second. Every viral news should pass your eyes at the very first instant. Only then can you stay well informed.

Travis Scott Kylie Jenner relationship

This is one of the most famous couples of all time. Kylie Jenner is one of the most marvelous beauties walking on this planet. Her love life with Travis Scott is not hidden from anyone. But if we take you through the details, we will learn that the couple has been in a “on and off” relationship. Sometimes we witness that their love is in full swing. On the other hand, sometimes we feel that they are miles apart.

The relationship details from the past

We have witnessed that in the past, Kylie Jenner has been through some secret pregnancies, also there the event of renting out the amusement park. At last, the gifts worth 41.4 million tell you that the couple is quite interested in each other. But if we talk about the current condition, we will learn that the couple is now back again after spending some time apart.

The relationship details from the past

Recent updates and Halloween festivities

One of the best news in this regard is the birth of the second baby of the famed couple. It was in February 2022 when the couple welcomed their second baby. Recently the couple has been witnessed on social media in several photos that Kylie Jenner shared. We can witness the couple get ready to celebrate Halloween together in these photos.

Why the relationship is a controversy

The popping up of the name Rojean Kar

There is still a question hanging in the air why does the public think that the famous Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner had a bad relationship in the past? So let us tell you that it all took place when the rumors of Travis and Rojean Kar dating each other surfaced on the internet. The information has made the fans jump to their feet. Therefore it is time that we go for the details regarding this matter to ensure that we have command of all the details.

Why the relationship is a controversy

Rojean Kar and the social media controversy

Rojean Kar is a famous model whose name has been linked with Travis in the past. Recently she claimed that she visited one of the sets where Travis Scott’s music video shooting took place. Later she also posted another video, and the caption was eye-opening. We have mentioned it below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

“cheats on that b*tch every single f**king night”.

The video subjects and Valentine’s day bomb

In this video, the target was Kylie Jenner, and the subject was none other than Travis Scott. Also, there is more to the story. Rojean Kar also claimed that the famous Travis Scott has also spent a whole valentine’s day with her.

The responses

In such a situation, what matters the most is the response of the person in question. The fans are dying to know more about the response of Travis Scott. So below we have mentioned the statement that he shared on the internet:

Response of Travis Scott 

“It’s a lot of weird shit going on. An uninvited person was sneaking photos on what was supposed to be a closed set while I was directing a video. I’m saying this for the last time: I don’t know this person. I’ve never been with this person. So, please stop with the continuous cyber games and the fictional storytelling.”

The response of Kylie Jenner

Although we have the response of Travis, we are still unaware of the stance of Kylie Jenner. This is what the fans are hoping to get their hands on.

The privacy factor

The name of the son

If we talk about some other details, we will know that the couple tries to stay under the curtain of secrecy. Especially if we talk about the name of their son, then it is not currently made public. Although there are several rumors that Kylie has spilled the beans, this information has not been made public.

Changing the name

We are well aware that the couple has not shared their son’s name, but it is confirmed that they named him Wolf in the past. Recently the couple changed their mind regarding the name of their son. They will be changing it soon.

The family appearances

The public is mesmerized by the appearances of the famous family at different events all over the globe. The family looks so lovely together. You will find Kylie, Travis, and Stormy to be sharing all the moments together.

Recovering from Astroworld incident

The Astroworld tragedy was the last performance of Travis Scott. Since then, he has not performed on a stage. But it was in May 2022 when Travis shared the stage with his wife Kylie and daughter Stormy. This was his very first appearance on the stage after the incident at the Astroworld.

The rumors regarding marriage

One of the biggest controversies is regarding the marriage of the couple. As we are well aware of the fact that the couple has been together for quite some time. Also, if we talk about their marriage, then there is currently no confirmed report in this regard. Recently in a social media post, Kylie shared a photo with a wedding ring on her finger. There are speculations that the couple might have married in secret. Currently, none of the partners have addressed these rumors.

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Travis Scott Kylie Jenner relationship has been in an “on and off” situation. We hope that the details mentioned above are enough to satisfy the curiosity of the fans. Also, in the future, we will surface with some more interesting news regarding the famous couple.


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