How To Know If You Are A Candidate For A Root Canal


Although many people are afraid to get a root canal for the first time, it is the only dental treatment that can salvage your tooth from being removed. An endodontics/root canal treatment New York, NY, brings your tooth pain to an abrupt end. Typically, your tooth is topped with a crown after a root canal, making it look natural. There is nothing to freak out about since a root canal is a pain-free procedure.

A specialized team of dentists at Intelligent Dental Group in New York offers individualized dental care to leave you smiling all along. If you’re wondering whether you are an ideal candidate for a root canal, here is everything you need to know.

Understanding A Root Canal?

For a start, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the root canal process. A root canal is a procedure that restores the strength of your tooth by removing the infected pulp and filling it with a rubbery filling. Tooth extraction or canal therapy are the only two ways to help cure your tooth once it’s infected. Upon removing the affected area, your dentist will place the dental crown to further protect your tooth from future infections. A dental crown looks natural, just like your original tooth.

A Root Canal Is Your Best Option If You Have These Problems

There are several reasons why you should opt for a root canal. Among the top reasons is if you are suffering from tooth decay. This is technically caused by an untreated long-term cavity or poor dental hygiene practices. Chipped or cracked teeth are another reason you should get a root canal. If ignored, the chips and cracks in your teeth can cause severe infections. Another problem associated with a root canal is having a weak tooth due to many dental procedures on it. Again, you will require a root canal if you have a defective dental crown calling for a crown replacement.

What symptoms prove you should get a root canal instantly?

For you to conclude to have a root canal, there are symptoms to look out for. In most cases, you will experience heat and cold sensitivity, resulting in severe tooth pain. Similarly, you will notice discoloration in your teeth caused by dental infections. Experiencing discomfort as you chew or touch your tooth immediately calls for a tooth canal. Additionally, as a result of infections, you will see swelling around the infected tooth. This infection potentially causes tenderness around the lymph gland and can harm your jaws if left untreated. Lastly, if you experience pain in the gum or jaws then the nearby tooth needs a root canal. If you might be experiencing these symptoms, it’s recommendable to visit your dentist instantly.  

A root canal is a smile booster!

Getting a root canal may be the only thing your smile needs. With an extra dental crown placement, your teeth will look natural and attractive. A professional team of dentists at Intelligent Dental Group in New York will work tirelessly to ensure you claim your original smile.

If you think a root canal could solve your dental problems, consider booking your session today!


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