5 Ways to Avoid Common Mistakes When Renovating a Property


After living in the same home for many years now, you have finally made the decision that it is time for a change. While buying a new home may not be in the picture, your next best option is to renovate your property.

In general, renovating a home is a great way to update the appearance of your living space. Whether it is a small home renovation project such as installing a new flooring system or completely remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, renovating can instantly transform your interior.

However, no matter how lavish or understated your vision is, home renovation is a huge undertaking and can be quite stressful for homeowners, causing them to make mistakes in the process.

To prevent this from happening, we have compiled a list of five ways to avoid making the most common mistakes when renovating a property.

Buy high-quality supplies and materials

One of the most common mistakes people make when engaging in a home renovation project is they buy cheap supplies and materials. The main reason why they do this is to reduce their costs. However, when it comes to renovating a property, the key is to go for high-quality supplies and materials which are durable and will last for years to come.

This includes everything, from small building equipment such as quality engineered fasteners to hold all components in your new HVAC system in place, to big building materials such as hardwood flooring, cabinet hardware, and kitchen backsplash. 

Hire reputable contractors

Another common mistake many homeowners make when renovating their property is they try to do everything by themselves. Although there are some projects that are perfect for DIY enthusiasts such as painting walls, hanging wallpaper, and moving furniture, there are others that require the knowledge, skills, and tools of professionals such as the installation of home appliances, electricity, plumbing, and roofing.

That’s why it is better that you hire reputable contractors who will complete all renovation projects professionally. This will certainly help reduce the likelihood of any unexpected costs and damages that may occur if you choose to DIY. 

Plan out your budget carefully

When homeowners decide to renovate their homes, they often start with a certain budget they believe will cover all renovation projects. However, a common mistake they make in the process is they underestimate the costs and they end up struggling to gather the finances to be able to complete all projects in a timely manner.

That’s why it is important that you plan out your budget carefully and ahead of time, so you can avoid stressful situations. Most experts recommend adding at least 20% to what you think a project will cost in case it takes longer to complete or some issues occur along the way. And if you are unable to find the funds, then cut the job back and leave it for another future home renovation. 

Anticipate potential impediments

When you are planning a home renovation project, the single best thing you can do is assume that it won’t go smoothly. Whether it is simply redecorating the living room or remodeling the kitchen, there is a great chance there will be setbacks that will delay the completion of the projects, increasing your costs down the line and stressing you out.

Therefore, make sure you talk to your contractors and ask them about all potential impediments that may occur so you can be well prepared in advance. This will help you minimize your level of stress and make your renovation more enjoyable.

Consider your property’s space 

When engaging in a home renovation, many homeowners often forget to prioritize the floor space they have available. In fact, in most cases, they end up squeezing extra furniture pieces and other items which makes their interior feel and look congested. It is mainly because of this reason why space planning is key to getting the maximum benefit from your new space. 

If you are having difficulties with this, you may consider consulting with an interior designer to give you more insight and help you plan the projects better. 

Photo by Blue Bird from Pexels

Final thoughts

Although home renovation is a great way to update the look of your home, it requires careful planning, time, dedication, and enough resources to do a great job. This is the best way to avoid making common mistakes that may end up costing you more both financially and mentally later on. For optimal results, follow the tips from our post and make your renovation more enjoyable.


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