Are you sure about the right ways of driving an 18-wheeler?


According to recent reports, more than 4000 fatal accidents every year involve large buses or trucks. While most car drivers considered truck drivers to be the biggest police on road,  the fact is that car drivers cause more than 82% of accidents between other passenger vehicles and trucks.  Improper following of traffic rules,  overspeeding, and not staying in the right lane are often the most prominent reasons  behind fatal crashes with 18 wheelers.

Driving and 18 Wheeler with big rigs can be highly dangerous but you got to be safe while on road. Here are a few safe driving habits that you should follow before rushing to an 18 Wheeler accident lawyer for legal help.

  • Don’t text while driving

Driving under the distraction of cell phones can have a devastating impact on your life if you meet with an accident. There are huge trucks driving along with you and even a 5 seconds of distraction could mean life or death for you. So, never use your cell phone for messaging or calling someone while you are driving.

  • Wear your seat belt while driving

According to recent studies and reports,  one in six truck drivers never wear the safety seat belts.  Wearing your seatbelt is not only a prerequisite but it is also the most common and definite way of preventing a massive injury in case of an accident.  More than 40% of the accident related deaths happen to people who have not been wearing their seat belts.

  • Avoid alcohol and drugs

This might sound as a no-brainer but driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is very dangerous and should be avoided. Drugs and alcohol include elements that impair your physical faculties, your senses, your judgement,  and can lead to instant drowsiness. Apart from the safety concerns, driving under the influence of alcohol could also lead to termination from job. 

  • Eat healthy and get enough rest

For the driver of an 18 wheeler, it is important to get ample rest and follow a proper healthy diet to stay more a lot while driving on road. Before you set out for your journey, eat a light snack, stretch your legs and take a nap. Drinking sugary drinks, eating junk food, or heavy meals can give you a drowsy feeling. 

Therefore, if you are an 18 Wheeler driver who is looking forward for some of the best road safety tips, keep the above mentioned points in mind.


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