All you need to know about Bering 75 Yacht

Bering yacht series

A brand new addition to the Bering yacht series, the 75 yacht combines the best of current yachting technology and futuristic design cues. She is scheduled to be delivered in early 2023 and is currently going through the final stages of production. Let’s look at all the yacht’s features, specifications, and other highlights. 

Bering 75 yacht price

No official prices for the Bering 75 yacht have been announced yet. Since this is a custom yacht, the price is quoted based on client requests. You can specify the yacht to match your preference. Hence, the cost of the yacht will be determined based on all the additional features and amenities you would like. 

As a company that specializes in rent a yacht Dubai services, we aim to expand our fleet and include one of the top Bering yachts. 

Features, specifications, and performance of the Bering 75 motor yacht

Bering is a company that constantly pushes the envelope with unique designs and superior performance. Their new 75 motor yacht is no different. Every aspect of the yacht screams innovation and creativity. Here’s a detailed look into the Bering 75 yacht. 

Dimension of the Bering 75

The Bering 75 measures a total length of 76.11 ft. (23.44 meters). Its beam is 23.9 ft. (7.29 meters), and the draft is 6.79 ft. (2.07 meters). The gross tonnage of the Bering 75 is calculated to be 174 GT. 

Interior of the Bering 75 yacht

What might seem like a compact yacht from the exterior is quite spacious in the interior. The Bering 75 yacht has 4 cabins for up to 8 guests. It features three decks, including the upper deck open area. 

The main deck features a large living room with high-quality furnishing and a modern contemporary design. You will find a combination of classy colors like white, grey, and cream with shades of wood brown. It also features a full-fledged kitchen. 

Coming to the lower deck of the Bering 75 motor yacht, the platform features a master room, a guest suite, one twin-bed room, and another additional cabin. All of these are finished with top-notch materials.  

The exterior of the Bering 75 yacht

Unlike other modern yachts, the Bering 75 carries a unique and futuristic exterior design. It has a compact stance and a tall structure. You will notice that it has a two-tone paint scheme of white and grey on the exterior, with large glass windows. 

Performance of yacht Bering

Powered by two modern Cummins QSM 11 335 diesel engines, she can travel to a top speed of 11 knots. The average cruising speed of the Bering 75 is 9 knots. She has an extraordinary range of 4,000 nautical miles, achievable at a constant speed of 9 knots. 

Bering 75 yacht for sale 

Yes, the Bering 75 yacht is currently up for sale. If you are interested in buying one of these yachts, you can place a pre-order by the end of 2022. Early yacht deliveries are said to be rolled out in the first half of 2023. 

Prices, as mentioned above, have yet to be officially announced. You can place your request for the quote, and based on the customization options you need, a price will be quoted. 

Highlights of the Bering 75 yacht 

Having taken an in-depth tour of the yacht, here are all the key highlights of the Bering 75. 

Bering 75 Yacht 
The engine of the Bering 75 yacht  Two Cummins QSM 11 335 engines
Fuel type Diesel engines
Horsepower generated 350 hp produced by each engine

A combined 700 horsepower generated by the two engines

Top speed of the Bering 75 yacht 11 knots of max speed 
Cruise speed  9 knots of cruising speed
Total travel distance (Range) 4,000 nautical miles at 9 knots speed
Cabins onboard the Bering 75 yacht 4 cabins onboard
Guest accommodation capacity Up to 8 guests can be accommodated onboard
Gross tonnage 174 GT
Superstructure material  Aluminum superstructure 
Hull material  Steel hull on the Bering 75 
Total decks on the Bering 75 yacht There are a total of 3 decks 
Displacement type A full displacement system
Length of the Bering 75  23. 44 meters (76.11 ft.)
Draft of the yacht 2.07 meters (6.7 ft.)
Beam on the Bering 75 motor yacht 7. 29 meters (23.9 ft.)
Fresh water holding capacity 946 gallons (3.582 liters)
Fuel storage capacity 6,387 gallons (24.17 liters)

A unique yacht with a futuristic outlook

The Bering 75 motor yacht is a product that showcases exceptional work of craftsmanship and the highest level of engineering. It stands out as a unique yacht compared to other yachts in its class. 

Bering is known for producing yachts that carry an out–box design. Their yachts, like the 70, 72, 77, and 78, are all about being different from other yachts.


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